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Crime (egocenter)

“On the root of sin. That which feeds our body’s rebellion. That which allowed the evil of the world to survive until the arrival of the True Parents, and for some time after that.”

Everything I’d always dreamed of
everything I could have wanted — 
I found it in her cat’s eyes
her firm flesh, her velvet skin

Drawing near her, like a shortcut
talking to her, a reflex
smiling at her was inevitable
touching her, an unconscious gesture

How could I have known that she would laugh
that she would grasp my arm so quickly
that I would lose my senses
and we’d laugh together like children?

In the end, I embraced her
we kissed with ardent lips
all of me wanted to wrap her up
I let my wife suffer from the cold

Left outside, I will be punished
for my hardened and treacherous heart
for thinking only of my pleasure
while leaving my beloved in pain

For breaking the word I gave
and forgetting my promise of love
for being the most foolish of men
and erasing the brightness from her eyes


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