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Liberty — Light — Liberty

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“We were born to love. We have a responsibility towards love, and we spend half our lives learning to assume this responsibility.
How great and marvellous is the fact that we were born to become responsible for love!”

Rev. Dr. Moon, Sun Myung; True Father of Heaven, Earth and all humanity.

The Strength of the Heart — A selection of his words compiled by Carlos Badosa (Original title: La Fuerza del Corazón, currently available in Spanish and Catalan).

“If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples. Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free”.

(John 8: 31–32)

This is one of my favourite verses from the Gospels, because it gives so much hope. If we analyse the end, “…the truth will set you free”, it’s obvious that all the semantic weight is concentrated in two words, but they’re words that might need some clarification. On the one hand, we have the noun “truth”, and on the other, the adjective “free”, which evokes another noun just as great and open to interpretation as the concept of freedom.

As for the second of those, Jesus himself already had to clarify it in his day, as can be seen in the next verses (John 8: 33–34). Jesus wasn’t talking to a group of slaves, nor to the inmates of a prison. Therefore the word “free” doesn’t refer, strictly speaking, to freedom of action, rather to free will, to use the terminology of the Exposition of the Divine Principle. In other words, it’s the freedom from sin. In fact, if we do sin, in the bottom of our hearts we know perfectly well that we’re not free, no one has to tell us.

The other term, with its even broader meaning, lends itself to a certain ambiguity. It should also be remembered that, perhaps now more than ever, it’s been loaded with negative connotations which have made it a word considered “politically incorrect” in its philosophical and transcendent sense. This comes from its links to the most dogmatic ideological positions and, especially, to the most radical religious fundamentalism.

But, in the more practical fields of questions of the physical world or the great topics of science, or indeed also in the less tangible space of philosophical, religious and metaphysical topics, there are many small “individual truths”, one for each question and for each specific matter of debate.

So what is the truth that will set Jesus’ disciples free? What then is the truth he promised them as the prize for continued faith in his word and as representatives of the generations to come and of all humanity? What is the truth that can set us free?

Is it the truth about the history of Catalonia? On the roots of our language? Or the truth about Einstein’s Theory of Relativity? The truth about the origin of life? About the origin of species? Even about the origin of the human species? The truth about the origin of language? Or the origin of the Cosmos itself? The truth about the interpretation of the metaphors, parables and symbols in the holy Scriptures of the different religions in the world?

All these topics are very interesting, and for sure some day we’ll understand them better, with all manner of details, but they’re not the truth that can free humanity from the yoke of sin and its fallen nature.

In this case, we can find clues in the Gospels thanks to Jesus’ words at different times, like his reply to the apostle Thomas: “…I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me” (John 14:6).

However, as Jesus Christ himself said, the moment hadn’t yet arrived to be able to completely explain this question and others the public or his disciples occasionally posed him.

In recent years, with the glorious coming of the Lord as the True Father of all humanity, a new, brighter light has arrived: the revelation of a new expression of the truth. So, in our century and for the first time in history, as contemporaries of the True Parents, we have the unmerited privilege and honour of having been able to receive his words, collected in the the Cheon Seong Gyeong, the Chambumo Gyeong and many other volumes where his messages and speeches are recorded for posterity.

Only through this grace can we today understand the meaning of Jesus’ promise in its entirety: the truth that will set humanity free is that of the nature of the loving relationship between a man and a woman, following God’s original ideal of creation. Specifically, the True Father, Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon has shed all the light necessary, desirable and, I would almost say, all the light possible on this question. All we have to do is study his words, which have come to us with the Second Coming of the Messiah as a revelation from God and a gift from Heaven for all humanity and for our generation in particular.

Here, I would only add that our Father has, on occasion, also said that Jesus “(…)educated his disciples with the truth and saved them with love”. In other words, to free ourselves from sin, we need both the light of the Word and the warmth of True Love. Many people today cannot manage to understand God’s heart nor even feel His living presence because, in reality, they’ve lost faith in true love. True love isn’t something you can understand with only words, you have to experience it and feel it. We have to learn to control the desires of our hearts and also have to develop our sensitivity for the love of our Heavenly Parent.

Translated into English by Robert O. King