How to Inexpensively Travel and Why You Should

“I would rather own little and see the world, than own the world and see little of it.” One of the most commonly stated hobbies is traveling. If that is true, then why do people travel so rarely?

According to, the near universal answer as to why people will not travel as much as they say to want is because “traveling is too expensive,” or “I don’t have enough money to travel.” Most people believe it will cost them thousands of dollars to travel. What if I told you that that I knew how to travel with very little money? What if I told you that traveling is more than possible, no matter how broke we are as college students? I am about to tell you five simple steps that could open a literal world of possibilities to you for only a few hundred dollars; if even that. They say, “it’s a small world after all,” but how much of it have you actually seen for yourself?

#1.) The first step to exploring the world with very little funding happens to be the most important step of all. Step number one is “Really Research Right.” Researching all your options is the most critical step in this inexpensive procedure. If you research the right way, you will spend very little money on any adventure you intend on venturing out to. There are so many websites online that can help you! Take advantage of the technology that is taking over the world! Some places will have traveling discounts or coupons for students, or more, but you have to really research right. On, blogger Whitney Wyckoff emphasizes the importance of reading up about the vacation spot online and going through travel books. Wyckoff also advises people to find out if there are city passes that offer discounts on attractions and transportation. Online research can be a huge help in ideas to finding cheap transportation, cheap housing, and cheap, enjoyable activities for you to do.

#2.) The second step to traveling without spending much money is “Get Ahead of the Game.” If you know you want to travel more often, the best time to start planning is right now (or at least after reading this article). Finding a destination is priority, then booking flights or booking cruises should be done right after that decision. Fun fact: cruises can be booked and paid on monthly, without any interest! Fun fact number two: the earlier you book a cheap flight, the cheaper it will be! and both suggest cheaper flights on budget airlines being booked at least two months in advance. Another aspect of staying ahead of the game is for housing. If you stay ahead of the game, not only will you save hundreds, maybe even thousands of dollars, but you will also be able to start planning all the fun stuff with more confidence.

#3.) The third step to traveling in a way that will not hurt your pocket or your conscience is “Pack Small, Think BIG.” You would be surprised at how much money you can save just by packing small! On airlines, it will save you hundreds of dollars to just pack all your things in a carry on. For all my fellow packers out there who like to put everything but the kitchen sink in their suitcase “just in case,” I have a hack for you: wear more layers! Not only can wearing layers help you save space and money, but the airports and airplanes are already arctic temperatures anyway, so it is a win-win all around (! Not only will packing light save you money, but it will save you effort and energy. Who enjoys lugging heavy luggage throughout new cities and towns? I tried that in New York City for eight hours, and let me tell you: never again. Packing small can also save you money to spend on other things. Doing fun activities while traveling does not have to cost you tons of money. Doing activities like hiking, walking, free site-seeing, free museums, etc. is possible! Those activities will keep your wallet small and your mind full of new experiences.

#4.) The fourth step to affordable traveling is extremely important. “Budgeting Best” will take effort and self-discipline, but it is possible, and it is so worth it! Budgeting costs before and after you start your travels can save you hundreds and even thousands of dollars. According to blogs on,,,, and, travel credit cards can help the most. Building up points without going into debts on credit cards can help anyone with any income to travel. Building up points can help with transportation and board. Another way to budget best is to cook for yourself when in a new place traveling. Eating out at the “best,” most expensive restaurants to “get the full cultural effect” is not necessary! Shopping at local markets or even eating at the local “hole-in-the-wall” restaurants are not only cheaper, but most times it is even tastier! Another way to budget best is being flexible. Get to where you need to go by taking subways, walking, biking, or even hitchhiking. It may sound a little risqué, but it helps! People actually do it all the time! Another way to budget best is by being open minded to board at places like host homes, cheaper hotels that serve breakfast, etc. Some host homes will let you stay for little to NO money at all. Delve yourself into the real cultures head first! To enjoy traveling, booking 5-star hotels are not necessary. Even sleeping in airports are a good way to save money as you are going from place to place. By budgeting best, while it may seem risqué at times, it will save you hundreds of dollars, and can even make the full experience even sweeter.

#5.) The fifth and final step to traveling with little money is the easiest step of them all. The fifth step I have for you is “Explore.” Everyone should travel. Traveling, even if it is just in the united states, can be life-changing. To travel is a gift that keeps on giving! The ability to see new things, meet new faces, go new places, is just waiting for us! Traveling is the best way to learn in life. Traveling can offer so many opportunities to growing as an individual. I have been to about sixteen states, been oversees twice, been to four other counties, and am going oversees once again this Christmas for twenty days. Exploring to me is the thrill of walking through new cities and seeing the beauty each place has to offer. Exploring to me means getting out of the “comfort zone,” and introducing myself to new people and talking to them about their own life experiences. Exploring to me means trying new foods, (while weird and different at times), discovering new tastes and seeing different cultures up close. Exploring means something different to every explorer. Exploring does not have to cost money. Not all great memories come with a price tag or receipt. What does exploring mean to you? Where can you explore next?

Traveling has made me a better individual. Traveling gives me a glimpse at how other people in this world live, and how they act. Traveling has given me some of the greatest memories of my life. Traveling has opened my mind and my eyes to new ideas and lifestyles. Traveling to me is priceless. Seeing the beautiful world and all its cultures, new people, and new things is incredible; it is indescribable. To fully understand the wonders of this earth, you have to go out and see it for yourself. Money should not stop you. You can do anything if you try! Follow these five, simple steps to traveling inexpensively, and you will discover why you should travel more often. Adventure awaits, but don’t keep it waiting!

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