Tokyo does not subsidise its transport system!
Brendon Harre

Thanks for drawing my attention to that David Lupton piece. Sounds like a thinker who should be listened to. To me congestion charges are complementary to a petrol tax — the petrol tax compensates for the pollution and extra noise of a combustion engine, whereas the road use charge covers the congestion, accidents, mortal fear and visual pollution of vehicles. One thing that is not clear to me is how to charge for the real estate taken up by the roads. Seems to me the owners should pay rates at the same rate as other land in the area.

I am really enjoying these pieces on what we can learn from Asia. Seems more realistic than Scott Morrison going off to London to learn about housing affordability!

I’d be interested in reading about what we can learn from the experiences of the MTR in Hong Kong and MRT in Singapore. I note Singapore was able to start building its system in 1983 when it was much less wealthy.

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