Brian Ronan

Nov 3, 2018

7 min read

Puzzler Project Post-Mortem (Udacity VR Nanodegree)

Walkthrough of the Experience.


Screenshot in VR on mobile device.

Design Process Overview

Design and development process.


Virtual Reality is fun!
Moodboard. Blurred for copyright purposes (I don’t own the images).
Sketch of the environment for the gameplay prototype.
Sketch of the environment for the final experience.

Gameplay Prototype

Left: original. Right: adjusted. It appears like a minor change until you’re in the VR viewer.
Initial UI panels tested for sizing, clarity, and legibility.
The actual experience doesn’t actually go this fast.
Left: symmetrical layout. Right: asymmetrical layout. Users were completely unable to solve the left due to the rotation. They were able to solve the right.

Visual/Story Development

Top left: scale test. Top right: Movement test. Bottom left/right: UI tests.

Breakdown of final piece

Start Menu Design.
Hall Exterior from starting position.
View as the user enters the space.
Hall interior layout.
Interior details
Ice wall becomes a door.
Restart menu.
View into the hall from the restart location.