Know the Importance of Product Information Management (PIM)

In this competitive world, running a smooth business is a daunting task. The most important factor required by businesses today is managing the long list of their products. With the growing use of digital technology, it has become crucial for every business to communicate consistent branding and accurate product information across the Omni-channel landscape.

Therefore, Product Information Management system is needed to reduce the complexity of businesses.

Basically, Product Information Management is a large set of processes used to store, manage and distribute the product data or information. It provides a centralized product information system that works as a single interface for the organization.

Today, customers are smart with majority of them conduct online product research before buying anything from a store. With the change in consumers’ behavior and rising demand for seamless shopping experiences, it is required for businesses to start with digital marketing strategies.

Importance of PIM

• PIM is a great tool for managing the customer-facing product strategy.

• A friendlier tool to manage the information for e-commerce managers, manufacturers, retailers, marketers, online merchandisers.

• PIM plays a big role in increasing the sales.

• Provide consistent information about various products demanded by consumers and marketers at every stage of the buying and selling process.

• Provides a clear and easy data model.

• Enhanced product information quality with consistency.

• A more rewarding customer experience.

• Able to support bigger product catalogs.

• PIM helps automate most of the processes needed in product creation.

The Product Information Management System is a great investment that the organization can make.

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Catsy is the easiest way to publish catalogs, price books, etc.

Catsy is the easiest way to publish catalogs, price books, etc.