Down with the Nucleus and Ribosomes!

Rampant Ribosomes or a Narrow-minded Nucleus? Choose Chloroplast, the sunshine organelle.

Stop letting a dictator rule your cell! Even though the nucleus has been ruling for centuries and holds all the genetic material, he has been unfair. The nucleus is a cruel tyrant, and I will not stand for this tyranny anymore! This big bully only cares about himself, so he will only be sweet if you can benefit him. Although he holds the DNA, he can’t even copy it, because he is just too lazy to help himself. Myself on the other hand, well, I create oxygen to help all of you!

You can’t trust the ribosomes either! Although ribosomes appear important, they actually cause more harm than good. When they screw up and mutations occur, you will suffer the consequences of their actions. They may seem super sweet and helpful, but they are trying to trick you! The ribosome is trying to keep you from having babies by causing male infertility. Imagine that, someone trying to steal your choice to have children! They also cause Treacher Collins Syndrome which causes abnormalities of the ears, eyes, and facial bones. Think about your life with these disabilities. Because of this, I am the best candidate for head of the cell. I work hard to keep everyone alive, and I never stop working, constantly absorbing sunlight to produce food for the cell and oxygen for everyone else!

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