God Part 2

Brendan Quinn


The second thing that allowed Christianity to maintain its following are the letters from Paul to different areas of the world. This allowed the world to be introduced to Jesus and the teachings and one must realize that this is a huge deal because it takes a lot of work to change a group of people’s beliefs to a completely new way of life and understanding when they have already had a set of beliefs their entire life. The faith owes a huge debt to Paul because he is truly the one who made the religion popular and the reason it has so many followers to this day.

“The church wants you in your place. Kneel, stand, kneel, stand. If you go for that sort of thing, I don’t know what to tell you. A man makes his own way. No one gives it you…you have to take it. ‘Non Serviam’”- (Jack Nicholson as Frank Costello).

It may seem like the belief can’t have people that rebel or question things to survive…but it’s the opposite. It needs people to do these things so it is able to adjust to the times and survive. The belief has to understand that many things in the bible are ludicrous and not irrelevant in the times, so they should be okay with splits or a new way of looking at things. Not just that, but realize that with this belief, people will say “I’m doing it a different way”, and other people will follow them. The only way Christianity has survived and will survive is the letters from Paul, but mainly the ability of it to change and adapt to the times. There

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