Thugz heaven

Thugz Heaven

There is a place for the dead

But not just any of the dead

Only ones who spent their lives drinking Hennessey with 3 girls before getting into bed

It’s a place where all the sinners gather

A place where there’s much laughter

A place where the good grass grows

And then cut, rolled up, and stacked in long, expansive rows

A place where every sinner lives freely like a king

One can see DMX perform in hologram or hear the Great Marvin Gaye sing

People see how much fun this place is

That they wish they lived life lit and bad enough to get in

But most view us as hoodlums who went through life with booze, drugs, and dip tins

However, the good people view us wrong

We were people who just wanted to have fun

But were outlawed by even the forgiving Nuns

We flipped any authority off

And would chug that young Codeine even when we didn’t have a cough

And now up here, there’s so much that it could fill up a trough

Up here, the pills are infinite

The Devil’s ivy is magnificent

The cocaine comes in mountain-sized hills

And the drinks gives everyone nothing but thrills

The best part…there’s no reason to pay the bills

And you can pick any girl from around the world, from China all the way to Brazil

This is a place for the sinners, but is not at all punishment

No no no!

It’s a place full of fun

One could even say it is just one giant drug induced, booze fueled party

It’s a place to rejoice and have fun

Without shaking fingers and lessons from the good Nuns

You see here, we only have time to continue what we did on Earth…live and have fun

There’s no time up here for poverty, boredom, rules, speed limits, or even depression

Because after all…this is Thugz Heaven

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