It’s a rare thing to have a movie as clever, silly, funny, witty, honest, relatable, and entertaining as Dope. There’s really something for everyone, especially people like me who are tired of seeing every “teen movie” covered in white people acting out completely banal and tired plots. Sorry, but some change was long overdue. Dope is nothing like that; it leaves no one out, and deals with every stereotype, and reality, head on.

Where else would you see geeks running around selling dope and evading cops while still worrying about prom and college applications, all to the tune of excellent original songs and a smorgasbord of 90s hip hop gems? Nowhere’s where.

I broke out with applause for this movie more than I ever expected to. It surprises you, this movie. All the actors are stellar, and perfectly casted. The direction is clever, somewhat tongue-in-cheek, and honestly very aesthetically well-composed. The comedy is fast and multifaceted. One scene might have a throw up punchline, another might feature a brilliant interjection about how truly revolting Macklemore is. Which, as we all know, he is.

And it is just like nothing else because it gets so much right! I just finished the college process, and I may not be from Inglewood, but the experience of applying to various places as someone who doesn’t “fit in” like Malcolm so perfectly explains, is perfectly depicted in this film. This movie is a gift, and I hope it is revered as such.

Bravo to all involved.