The term “organic” has no real meaning — to some, it means eating healthfully, and to others, it means no chemicals they deem unfit were used on the product.
Week 4/5: Local Eats

Week 5–6: Comment

Hi Melanie,

I thoroughly enjoyed your blog this week.

I found your writing easy to follow, and it moved from one topic to topic seamlessly. Additionally, based on your writing, it is my opinion that you are quite passionate about this subject — are you?

As a side bar, I highlighted a section of your blog, which got me thinking about “organic”. I agree with you that the term “organic” fails to have a universal meaning, and yet, if you choose to shop organic, you (we) pay a premium for the food labeled organic.

Based on these two (2) things, lack of universal meaning and price premium, do you think the FDA, USDA, or another government organization that handles food regulations will weigh-in on the organic phenomenon any time soon to try to bring alignment and a universal meaning to the term organic so that the price premium is legitimately justified?

While I am no expert, I believe most other industries are required to meet certain standards/definitions in order to advertise/market their products, so this seems the natural step of progression for “organic”, but its been a while and I am left wondering if a standard will be defined.

What are your thoughts, if any?

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