Brittany Laughlin — thank you for writing this.
Brad Feld

Thank you for sharing your thoughts Brad. I appreciate Foundry’s approach to putting a policy out in the open. It would be great if more firms did the same.

I think “zero tolerance” is a tough term. In the recent news reports on the Justin Caldbeck case, there are stories of Justin trying to threaten the women who were willing to speak up. Instead of being focused on apologize for his behavior, he sought to oppress the information about it, which made the women the enemy (not the policy, or the act itself).

That’s a dangerous place to put people who speak up. If there is more of an option for the offender to take control, then maybe they have more of an option to admit it. Say, if you admit it before it is reported, you get more amnesty than if it comes from the person harassed.

I’d be happy to continue the conversation. I don’t think it’s easy, but I think collaboration on a tough topic generates better outcomes.

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