I don’t know…

Where will I be in the next 5 years? C’mon That’s too far. Where will I be on Monday? I don’t know

With all these struggles at school, at work, even back at home. Are we really ever going to make it? Will these staying-up-at-nights be worth it? I don’t know.

I look around me. I see friends. I see friends laughing. They make me happy. I’m happy when they are. Will it be same in weeks? in months? in years? I don’t know

I think I’ll find you, Baby. I’ll find you. I mean, Everyone eventually does. But will we share what Mom and Dad have? I don’t know

And you, How long has it been? Do you find me crossing your mind still? I don’t know

Mom and Dad, you know I love you. What will I do one day when I’m not home and I receive a call and I’m told you’re not around anymore? I don’t even know

In the dark, its scary. The thoughts… The fears… The paranoia. Gets harder by the day. Will these demons ever leave? I don’t know

Sometimes I count the Ls I done taken… I picture being put in the same spot today, will the results change? I don’t know

I just daydream and think it’ll all be fine. The planet will be fine. The killings… The fires… The hurricanes… The wars? Will they ever stop? I don’t know

Maybe I know and the answers to them all is negative.

Maybe its hope that’s stopping me because things are going to change.

Maybe its neither, I don’t know.