Coming together and coming apart
lioness van pelt

you are angry about a lot of things.

students come and then they go, but the institution continues. and some students pay an ungodly amount but mostly it is parents, those who can afford, and financial aid which is almost never just student loans. Harvard can go needs blind but almost no small, liberal arts college can.

but back to the screed:

faux Habermasian bubble ( i was impressed by Habermas)

..don’t read the primary source,..secondary sources work just fine (cliffs notes ok?)

..abstract universal principles

..defending some abstract principle

..abstract principles of free speech override (my god. i had no idea free speech was so abstract? is the whole Constitution abstract and if so unimportant?) the behest, ..couldn't be bothered to do their homework ( so the inviters had no idea who they invited?)

..discredited before they were born? (Coming Apart was published in 2013)

are all Middlebury teachers ( did you get tenure?) crypto Maoist/Leninists?

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