Mike Bracco
Jan 4, 2017 · 2 min read

I couldn’t agree more with your love letter.

I’m a daily podcast, audiobook and article listener via Pocket. I’ve always carried my Apple EarPods with me to fill in gaps of time with listening. While I have various wireless headphones, I’ve always opted for the Apple EarPods because they are compact to roll up in the pocket and don’t have the charge issue. AirPods solve both of these problems.

My miscellaneous observations after a week:
1. My daily listening has gone up 30-40% as I’m now able to fill in even the smallest of gaps of time with AirPod listening (due to reduce friction of putting on/off).
2. I love falling asleep with them on. I’m able to listen to relaxing music or soundscapes with my head on the pillow with total comfort.
3. I’ve developed an odd lean back technique when using the bathroom for paranoia of dropping them in the toilet. The long term effects of this on my back are TBD 😂😂
4. Even though I have Sonos throughout my place I often opt for the AirPods because of the intimacy of the sound in my ears and the ease at which I can change from my iPhone, Mac or iPad. My only wish is a way to send audio from my TV to the AirPods. I currently do this by opening Sling app and Mac.
5. Although I have the double tap as play/pause, I still feel the need to take the AirPod out of ear when I’m talking to someone. Double tapping as they approach and begin speaking but keeping the AirPods in feels rude/odd — especially with the somewhat flaky double tap. Perhaps social norms will change but that’s my current experience.
6. If I didn’t have an Apple Watch I think my experience with the AirPods wouldn’t be as good. I think you really need a watch with this product. Having to pull out your phone to change the volume or track would be a very frustrating for me — especially at the gym when I keep my phone tucked away in my gym back.

Generally speaking, I think the impact of the AirPods is extremely undervalued. As they get smaller and battery improves, I can imagine a lot of things changing with persistent speakers in everyones’ ears…just as we saw with computers in everyones’ pocket.

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