Talking 2x Speed
M.G. Siegler

Observation 1: Also Trim the Silence
It’s also worth mentioning silence trimming (removal of gaps in audio between people talking or pauses between sentences). I find that this can actually save as much or more time than 2x speed (which I also do). Most major podcast clients such as Overcast and Pocket Casts offer this feature. Pocket Casts actually gives you stats on how much time trimming the silence saves you (for me it’s almost 5 hours this month so far).

Observation 2: 2x Increases Focus and Retention
I’m easily distracted but listening at 2x actually makes me focus more. The slightest wander of the mind requires you to rewind and listen again.

Observation 3: Applies to Video as well
This also applies to video playback. This Chrome extension is a must have for controlling playback speed on YouTube or anywhere while on the desktop web.

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