Out of Pocket: What Teachers Across the Country Spend on Supplies
Joanna Petrone

We are not underfunding our educational system. We are directing funds badly within our educational system. There is plenty of money there. There are also plenty of people feeding at the trough.

Here is one item that is screwing with the system…


We keep changing curricula hoping to find a better way to teach kids. Everyone has a great idea on how to teach kids better. Every one of them pretty much misses the point. The teacher is the conduit. The teacher bridges the gap between the book and the child. Each child is different. The teacher has to adjust. There is no path to automate learning.

The people who want to learn will learn without any curricula.

The people who don’t want to learn require a lot of extra effort to get them to the point that they want to learn.

There is no curricula that can make that happen. The money to buy the curricula is not to be waved off, but it is tiny compared to the money lost in time as teachers attempt to adapt yet another one.. There is money that goes into systems in the form of books and teachers. There is money that is never seen that is lost time.

The folks who think that it is the first type that dictates the difference in schools are missing the point. It is the second one that rules…

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