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Exactly one year ago, pulling from our previous 6-year learnings as an independent publisher-focused podcasting CMS, we diversified our focus and launched an all-new enterprise-scale Simplecast. The goal of this new platform was to take a step back, reassess technical inefficiencies of our industry, and then solve for them.

While many focused on podcasting’s ad models, or the YouTube-of and the Netflix-of, the underlying issues in the industry of scalability and measurement were going ignored. …

One of the most common feature requests we received over this year was to put your Spotify audience insights right in your dashboard. You asked, and we delivered.

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Photo by Willian Justen de Vasconcellos on Unsplash

Beginning with plays from August 23 on, you’re now able to report on listens from Spotify in your Dashboard! This is a big step forward for a few reasons. Let’s look into how we’re accomplishing this, why we decided on accuracy over speed, and what this means for upcoming features and audience metrics.

To answer this, it’s best to understand how Spotify’s platform works with podcasts. Nearly every single podcast distribution platform and listening app streams directly from your podcasting host (in this case, Simplecast)-but Spotify doesn’t. Instead, when Spotify sees a change to your RSS feed, their platform automatically ingests the MP3 into their infrastructure. So, when someone clicks play on an episode in Spotify, it’s typically streaming from Spotify. …

In a test we ran last month, 71% of web player-based listens from shows using Simplecast came from Simplecast web players. …


Brad Smith

Helping podcasters find success as CEO of @Simplecast. Founded Virb and @WaywardWild, published @GreatDiscontent. Sorta meh now, was once cooler. 👨‍🚀

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