The Average Life

Why do we all aspire to greatness but settle for a average life ?

Be strong in conviction for things that you want. Be forward with your life goals and dreams. Make a plan to achieve greatness. Every single day take actionable steps toward your goals. Have patience as well. Patience is key as nothing in life comes easy.

Play for the long game and treat everyday like the short game. Do not worry I know that I just contradicted myself but I will explain. Play for the long game in terms of your goal. Play for the short game on the day to day basis .. appreciate what each and every day brings and take it all head on. Enjoy the moments of the day and do your best to fully appreciate that we are alive. There are many twists and turns to the long game so appreciate those twists and turns.

Do not settle for the each and everyday grind just to get by. Do not in anyways shape or form live to get by. Aspire to be better then average. You never know when god will pull you off this earth so enjoy it and be amazing. We as humans have the potential to be anything that we want to be. We have more opportunities now then we have ever had.

Be a fucking beast, be a savage, be the biggest boss of all time and whatever you do … DO NOT … be average.