As E-Sports Grows, The Industry is Rapidly Creating New Jobs

Across the globe, the popularity of esports is skyrocketing. Tournaments and competitions are watched live by thousands of screaming fans, and streamed online by millions more. Payouts are steadily growing, and individual players and teams can become worldwide stars and accumulate riches simply by devoting their lives to gaming.

However, the expansion of the industry is leading to interesting and lucrative opportunities for non-professional players as well. Websites that support micro-tournaments are rapidly gaining in prominence in the community, due to the convenience of simple registration and quick games and the presence of skilled competitors on the platform. WOMP is one of the industry’s leading micro-tournament websites, and has built an excellent reputation off of being a place where skilled players can go to earn cash playing League of Legends or Counterstrike Global Offensive.

WOMP supports many different gaming scenarios for CS:GO and LOL players. For Counterstrike, Arms Race and 1v1 arena are both supported by this excellent website, and more game types are being added every day thanks to suggestions by players. League of Legends matches that are supported by include 1v1 to first blood, 100 cs or first tower. The platform also supports team win and same team KDA / KDAC matches. Players can also issue open challenges, where there is no specific match or game type attached to the challenge and players simply want to find a competitor. The array of options for committed online gamers is dizzying, which is why so many hobbyists and amateurs are flocking to the site.

Website experiences like those on allow everyday gamers to make a sustainable living doing what they love to do. Players can easily insert and withdraw funds from their online wallets, using such payment methods as credit card or Paypal. Although players must be 18 years or older to earn cash, that still leaves a wide swath of the gaming population eligible for this excellent opportunity.

People who want to earn money playing LOL or earn money playing CS GO are certainly in luck — skilled gaming has never been valued more highly monetarily. There are people participating in the online gaming experience that are actually making enough to cover rent and expenses, simply by excelling at their chosen game. People who began playing CS GO as a hobby years ago are finding that their skills are very valuable, and they can make money playing online or even tutoring other competitors. The esports explosion has created many fantastic jobs for the subset the population that is capable of online gaming at a high level.

Participating in WOMP is a no-brainer for any committed gamer: the match choices for League of Legends and CS:GO are varied and interesting, the payment procedure is very simple and painless, and the competition level is increasing in quality every day. Make sure to visit today to begin a lucrative online gaming side profession that should blow any day job clear out of the water!