WOMP — The League of Legends 1v1 Platform

The professional eSports scene only has room for so many people, and thousands of League of Legends players have doubtlessly longed for a chance to turn their passion and dedication to playing LOL online into a real source of income. Who hasn’t dreamed of a way to turn a good day’s killing spree or win streak into a way to make money? With new League of Legends platform WOMP.us, these dreams could finally become a reality.

But first, some base stats on the game itself. League of Legends boasted $1.6 billion total revenue in 2015, and the LOL fantasy arena supports a whopping average 27 million players online every day. It is consistently the most-streamed and most-watched game on streaming service Twitch, and its tournaments routinely sell out massive sport arenas. This year’s world championship will be held in Los Angeles’ Staples Center, which seats up to 20,000. With those kinds of numbers, and with the help of WOMP, the truly skilled should find it an easy feat to lure some additional cash out of their unsuspecting opponents’ pockets.

WOMP is an eSports micro-tournaments site which allows gamers to cash in on their favorite titles, meaning that in addition to other supported games like CS:GO and the beta trial of Street Fighter V, players could potentially make a living playing League of Legends.

The service functions by allowing players to either duke it out in a full team game or to test their mettle in a 1v1. As usual, team games (3v3 or 5v5) are decided by destroying the other team’s nexus, although the platform also supports “same team” contests in which teammates compete for the higher KDA/KDAC. Early exit matches are supported as well thanks to the “smart refs” feature, meaning that players can leave as soon as they win the game.

With 1v1 matches, the options are even more varied: matches can be decided by first blood, 100cs or first tower. Participants can set either one or all of these achievements as the condition for victory.

As if the prospect of using the LOL arena to make money isn’t intriguing enough, WOMP offers players several different ways to select their next opponent. Players can either create a challenge by going to the “Challenges” tab and selecting the “create Challenge” button or selecting a user to send a challenge.

Alternatively, players can create an open challenge to use the game’s internal matchmaking system or other means of finding their next victim. Last but not least, players can organize micro-tournaments to measure their skills against opponents in a more structured manner.

Players add funds to their online wallet through any of the following accepted means of payment: Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover.

For further questions, refer to https://womp.us/faqs.

Skill gaming can be profitable for anyone who knows where to look — there’s no excuse anymore for playing LOL without making money! Sign up today and begin your new life getting rich through your dedication and gaming skills!