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A guide on how to execute on the disturbing revelations from the film.

So you watched The Social Dilemma.

For the unaware, it’s a new documentary/drama on Netflix which outlines in excruciating detail the ways in which technology companies are gaming the human psyche in order to make us pitifully addicted to our phones, so that they can harvest our data on behalf of big-bucks advertising companies.

I feel as if on some level most of us were already aware of this basic premise.

But to hear it directly from the mouths of the inventors of such algorithmic technologies, as well as beginning to understand the quite insidious mechanics that underlie their central…

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It is surprisingly effective

Christ, sometimes it all just seems to come down on you at once doesn’t it?

It would be pertinent to list all of the things happening right now and over the course of the last six months that have the potential for instilling complete cognitive and emotional overload on us. But it’s going to take a crack-team of 2030’s finest historians to accurately notarise the extent of the calamity.

For now though, here are the headlines: (you can skip this part if you’re already experiencing considerable overwhelm...)

Six months on from it’s unpleasant introduction to the global landscape, COVID-19 still…

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…But I won’t judge you for taking part

Arriving back to England recently and seeing how far we’ve appeared to progress since the bleakness and depravity of the full-scale lockdown was both a surprise and a pleasure.

But now, being here and experiencing the situation first-hand, there are facets of this attempt at socioeconomic recovery that seem at best wildly irresponsible, and at worst beckoning of a monstrous second wave. And the ‘Eat Out to Help Out’ scheme, in my opinion, could be the nail in the coffin.

What is the ‘Eat Out To Help Out’ Scheme?

It wasn’t long after landing that I heard the first utterance of the phrase. It reeked of yet another government-formulated…

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My concerning experience travelling from England to Italy under the era of the ‘new normal’

Have you forgotten what it’s like to excitedly pack your bags, bustle through busy airport terminals, and board a plane full of kindred travellers, sights collectively set on greener pastures?

I had, but embarking on this usually exciting journey took on a rather strange tone in the midst of a viral pandemic. Here’s what you should know before you do the same.

The ‘New Normal’

I was apprehensive when making plans to get back out to Italy to return to work. …

It was totally easy and took almost no time at all

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Actual picture of me 28 seconds after publishing this article

Discovering Medium was a great relief for a struggling freelance writer like myself.

Finally, I had found a place where other writers and content producers came together to brag about their earnings and provide enticing, unreasonable promises about how I could do just the same.

All I had to do next was listen to their humbling advice, and my career — as well as my bank account — would start skyrocketing into infinity.

My journey

I started browsing the site about a month ago in the hopes that I could perfect my writing skills by carefully listening to and learning from a…

Brad Dibben

One sacred goal in my writing — to meaningfully improve the lives of those who read it.

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