All the things that are wrong with Intranets
Henry Amm

No kidding Henry — workplaces are littered with dead and unused intranets.

Crappy search laden by stale documents is certainly one of the main reasons. But there are more. Here are the 6 key intranet killers that we see:

But I don’t think you “without any mind-bending changes to their original concept” comment is fair. The fact the old approach does not work is well understood. And every company needs a great way to connect all employees, so the need is huge. Lot’s of startups have tried their own “mind bends” in this area, but it’s a hard problem to solve.

In fact, I founded Jostle ( to take on exactly this problem. Our approach is radically different, with a focus on people and providing smart ways to keep information fresh and targeted, reducing noise and clutter. Simple, comprehensive search is a big part of this. We are achieving employee participation rates of over 85%, measured across all employees at all our customers. That’s more than 5X what the traditional approach achieves.

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