The links, for May 13, 2015

A strategy project that I worked on, this time, last year for a storied brand netted out a strategic imperative for them to create a YouTube channel that provided expert advice on how to accomplish things, using their products.

Think with Google writes about exactly that.

America Online, gets acquired by Verizon, mostly for its ad technology. I don’t like the feel of this, after reading a dozen or so articles about it, if I’m being honest. Here’s hoping Verizon fumbles this one.

The FTC makes a ruling about direct-to-consumer auto sales and says, “its not about Tesla,” which is great news for business and consumers. However, this isn’t going far enough. The laws in states associated with automobile sales are archaic at best and insane at worst, for 2015 and all need to be revisited in much the same way almost all (tele)communications laws need to be revisited and modernised for our new realities.

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