• Peter D. Kaizer

    Peter D. Kaizer

    I am a designer & developer with a passion for user focused digital products that are highly functional and beautifully designed.

  • Marco Baraldi

    Marco Baraldi

    Husband, father of two, designer and coder, #PearlJam fan, amateur basketball player, still dreaming of a new life in Australia.

  • Vittee Nakka

    Vittee Nakka

    【@vittee】System and software engineer. Reverse engineering experimenter.

  • Diego Brocanelli

    Diego Brocanelli

    Programmer, lover beautiful code and web development.

  • James Walton

    James Walton

    Technology Director & Full-Stack Engineer @ frogdesign

  • Mandy Grzymala

    Mandy Grzymala

    Ecommerce Marketing - Cycler - Runner

  • Michael Genesini

    Michael Genesini

    Frontend Software Engineer @ProntoPro. Former Frontend Developer @caffeinalab. Pizza eater 🍕

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