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4 Things I Learned from Interviewing Three Hustlers

Over the last month, my podcast co-host Dylan and I have been extremely fortunate to interview 3 awesome individuals on our weekly show Discover the Hustle. We knew we wanted to start bringing people onto our show as a way to bring more value to our listeners. Dylan and I can talk all day long about the important things we do to hustle harder, but the true value comes from others who have done it.

In each interview we dug into the early entrepreneurial tendencies that each individual had and found out the WHY behind each person’s hustle. So who are these individuals? First was Marc Busko, the Director of Operations at Go Bundance. Marc has also done many other phenomenal things in his short 23 years on this planet. He created a teen-friendly protein bar, placed 1st at an international DECA competition, he’s inspired over 15,000 students since he started public speaking at the age of 17. He was also nominated as a Future Maker in 2013 in the Fox Cities area of Wisconsin. Clearly, Marc has done some awesome accomplishments and continues to push his life forward.

Next was Jordan Rhodes. Jordan is currently the Director of a globally recognized Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, CEO of ActiveEDU, and just recently received his MBA. He was also responsible for the creation of the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh Collegiate Entrepreneur’s Organization (UWO-CEO) and helped a company go from $0 to $150,000 in monthly revenue via digital marketing consulting.

And our most recent guest, Dan Brosman. Dan has a BBA in Human Resources with an emphasis in Entrepreneurship and Financial Services. In his time as a college student, he was the President of CEO Club and launched 2 startups, among other achievements. He now is working as the Chief Operations Officer of ActiveEDU and as a Program Manager for the Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Oshkosh.

So what did Dylan and I learn? What were the most valuable takeaways? Let’s dive in.

1. Surround yourself with great people.

In each episode this was mentioned over and over. Marc, Jordan and Dan all said this was one of the most valuable things that they’ve done with their lives. They started being intentional about the people that they brought around. Marc even said that outside of family, you have to just be willing to cut people off. It’s selfish for others to cause negativity in your life and you have to be willing to step away from those individuals. Find those people who have the same drive and spend time learning from each other.

2. Find your WHY

It’s not enough to just be driven all of the time. Driven with no sense of direction can leave you feeling unfulfilled. In each interview our guests shared the importance of finding that reason to keep you going even in the toughest of situations. This could be to support your family, or friends, or for any other reason. It’s different for everyone, but learning about other people’s ‘why’ can help you find what motivates you. As Marc said in his interview, you have the entire summer to find something you love and really start developing it to it’s fullest potential.

3. Invest in you

Taking time out of the day to intentionally focus on improving who you are is key. Whether that’s through mastering a killer morning routine like Marc, engrossing yourself in a mentor group like Jordan, or learning to not let failure consume you like Dan. You can check out the various book recommendations like Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill or The Millionaire Fastlane by MJ DeMarco. You can listen to podcasts. You can reach out to others who have done it and offer them lunch. There are so many opportunities to learn and grow. It comes down to your willingness to hustle.

4. Legacy is Everything

At the end of our interviews we ask the question ‘Why do you hustle?’ All three of these individuals answered in a similar, but inspiring fashion. It wasn’t for money. It wasn’t for recognition. It was for legacy. All of them wanted to be remembered as someone who earned everything they received in life. Marc hustles so that his unique gifts don’t go to waste. So that he can share his unique value with countless amounts of people and inspire them to do the same. Jordan hustles so his family can live worry free. So he can make an impact on those that are around him and show what hard work has to offer. Dan hustles to make his dreams a reality. He hustles to complete everything he has set forth for himself and be looked up to as a role model.

Dylan and I are truly fortunate to be surrounded by such great people. If you want to hear these full length episodes you can follow these links to iTunes. Marc Part 1. Marc Part 2. Jordan’s episode. Dan’s episode.

Thank you for taking your time to read this. I really appreciate it. If you enjoyed this read please tap that heart so that other people can enjoy it as well! If you have any questions at all please email me here. You can also check out our podcast here.