I was on my mastermind phone call last night when I heard the words that I’ve needed to hear. We need to go harder. That was it. Five simple words that have had me reevaluating my work ethic over the last 24 hours.


You know, up until that call, I felt as though I was setting some pretty great goals for myself. I felt confident in my efforts and understood that I was headed in the right direction. But something did feel a little off. Each week, I was successfully completing my goals. That seems like a good thing, right? Well yes, but it shouldn’t be so easy. I should have to consciously focus on making sure I complete everything each week. So after hearing those words, I knew I needed to change. I need to put in significantly more effort. I need to push myself.


That leads me to today. I made a deliberate effort last night to choose goals that I might not be able to achieve, but that I know I can if I put my head down and grind. In the end, even if I don’t succeed I’ll still be better off than if I set some easy goals for myself. For example, I didn’t set a goal to finish a book this week because honestly, I’m going to do that anyway. It’s part of my routine and I don’t need other people to hold me accountable to do that. I do need accountability to make sure that I start doing lead generation for Golf Shots. Sure I could start the process, but I put a number on the leads I want to generate this week. I think that’s really going to push me to test my marketing capabilities. I have some ideas in mind and now it’s just time to execute. If I didn’t set this goal for the week, I probably would’ve just pushed it off until next week. We don’t have any more time to delay this if we want it to have a successful launch. That’s just one example, but that’s how I’m choosing to push myself this week.


And moving forward I know that I will still occasionally need a kick in the ass to keep moving forward and really stretching my capabilities. That’s what the mastermind is all about! But hearing those words last night gave me the insight into the thoughts I was already having subconsciously. I know what I need to do. Now it’s time to execute and grow.

What do you need to go harder at?