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When you talk about a company, most people’s first question is often, “What do they do?”

An important question, certainly, but is there a question you can ask that will tell you a little more about that company and why they do what they do?

Who, is the question you should ask.

Who is the company? Who are the faces behind the computer screens or the voices on the other end of that phone line that make that company what it is?

So, what is Table Mesa? Table Mesa is an online continuing education platform that allows educators to connect with licensees in their designated professional fields to provide them with relevant and engaging continuing education courses. …

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Florence Nightingale

Florence Nightingale was an instrumental figure in showing the value of nursing and turning the profession from a job for the lowly to a reputable career for a man or woman of any background. Her story begins with a defiant young girl in 19th century Italy.

Born into a wealthy family, Nightingale’s life path was shaping up to be a familiar story for the time; marry a rich man with a lot of land, and preserve your family status. But, Nightingale was not one to settle for the status quo.

From a young age, she believed it was her divine calling to help others. She was frequently reprimanded by her mother for leaving the family estate to tend to the sick and poor in the surrounding villages. When she revealed her intentions to pursue a career in nursing, her parents scoffed unaware of the revolutionary changes she would bring to the field. …

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Providing the most comprehensive care for a patient is the cornerstone of every medical institution. The best coverage will aim to address the physical, emotional and spiritual pain associated with the individual patient’s condition.

Now, don’t get me wrong — no one healthcare professional can possibly address the all of these needs, regardless of their role. That is why entire medical teams take care of a patient, not just a doctor.

Nurses are arguably the most underappreciated component on any patient care team. The question, “what do nurses really do?” …

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Online Continuing Education (CE) is an essential component of being a successful healthcare professional, and one that is largely unavoidable for anyone in the healthcare industry.

For many, continuing education courses or credit hours are required to maintain a license to practice. Although some employers or associations will provide you with license renewal dates and course requirements, the burden, to a great extent, falls on the individual to ensure their license is active and up to date.

In a society where people can barely take 30 minutes out of their day for a lunch break, who has time to fulfill what can be up to 30 hours worth of course requirements? …


Brad Fagan

Digital Content for Table Mesa

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