Top Android App Developers in 2019

Brad Anderson
Jul 18 · 13 min read

The technological world is improving with the speed of light. It penetrates into every part of human life and changes it. It’s impossible to imagine the modern world without computers and phones. Recently, mobile applications have become popular as they offer straight servicing access. Thus, the need for android application developers rises. Small, medium and big companies are all trying to create apps to provide facilities quicker and come to a larger target market. A good team of android app developers for hire can create any type of application. There are a lot of IT companies that can offer you top android app developers to work on your project.

Not every corporation has its own Android application developers departments. But it is not an issue to worry about. Outsourcing comes in handy here. So, we have provided our own little but profound research on the topic. We have chosen the best Android application developers, and ready to share the list with you. The top Android application developers are able to bring any type of project into life. This can help your firm grow, bring new clients and ease the ordering process for instance. If you had a thought or two about designing your own app, you might find this information useful and apply while searching for a perfect team.

Top Android App Developers: The List of Companies

It’s no wonder that it can be difficult at times to find good Android app developers for hire, but we did our best. Short reviews on the companies that have top Android app developers can help you pick the best ones to complete your app project. Check out the list of mobile apps development enterprises we have selected:

  • Space-O-Technologies;
  • Intellectsoft;
  • Clear Bridge;
  • Mind Inventory;
  • Fueled;
  • Yalantis;
  • Oxagile;
  • Sciencesoft;
  • Openxcell.

Space-O Technologies: Android Apps to Fit Any Platform

Space-O Android App Developers
Space-O Android App Developers
Space-O Android App Development Company

Clients: Nike, Ferrari, MobStar, Zumbox, TheAppHoles

The next in our list is Space-O Technologies, the company that has a vast range of services to offer to enterprises of different size and field of occupation. These Android app developers can perform miracles thanks to their experience, a large number of clients, and cases.

Here you can find experts in custom Android apps development, native and hybrid ones, as well as Android web-based apps. Android app developers write apps in Kotlin, Java, XML. Apart from this, they employ such tools as Android Studio, SQLite, Realm, Android SDK, etc.

The company also offers 30-minute free consultation with experts who can answer all the questions related to the project. In addition to this, they have flexible hiring models of Android application developers. The process of app development is divided into five stages: analysis of requirements, designing, development, testing, and deployment. At the deployment stage, an app is set up to App Store, client’s server and now is available for users.

The company offers every client 3-month support once the project is completed. Space-O Technologies care about their clients and want to make sure that everything works flawlessly, which gave them a chance to complete over 2500 projects. Clients can connect with the team of experts directly through the website and leave any inquiry. The team of developers can help you not only with apps for Android but also with iOS, Xamarian, ML and AR app development. More information on the company and its portfolio are available on the website of the company.

Headquarters: Ahmedabad, India; Scottsdale, Arizona, the USA

Founded: 2010| Employees: 50–249

Intellectsoft: Hire Android App Developers Here

Intellectsoft Android App Developers
Intellectsoft Android App Developers
Intellectsoft Android App Development Company

Clients: Shell, Jaguar, Eurostar, Guinness, Walt Disney, Universal, Audi, etc.

Top Android application developers can be found in Intellectsoft. This is a hub of professional and experienced developers who find suitable solutions for various cases, develop excellent mobile apps, enterprise software, etc. As for applications for Android OS, the company can crack any type of it to suit any device. Hire Android app developers from Intellectsoft and get an application for mobile phones, tablets, TV, or wearable devices.

The company has worked in this field for over 10 years and knows all the subtleties. The process of app development is well-structured and consists of three stages:

  • initial: the team analyses requirements, sets developers for the project, creates technical documentation, and builds the prototype;
  • development: code an app, perform testing and release the final product;
  • support.

The experience and knowledge behind the name of the company make it possible to create different types of applications, which include apps for Finance (mobile banks, wallets), Insurance, eCommerce, Travel, Constructions, IoT, etc. No matter what your company specialises in, these guys are going to make it impeccable by adding all the necessary features.

In order to create a user-friendly application, Android app developers from Intellectsoft use Java, Kotlin, JavaScript, XML as coding languages. They use such databases as SQLite, Redis, Realm, etc. and tools like Android SDK and Android NDK. As for the frameworks, they use RetroFit, React Native, Volley, Dragger 2, etc. Clients can be sure to get a program that suits any type of platform or device. Visit the website to find more information or contact their Customer Support group if you have some particular questions. The cooperation is always held on the highest level that is proven by the great number of regular clients.

Headquarters: Palo Alto, California, the USA

Founded: 2007| Employees: 350

Clearbridge: Toronto-Based App Development Company

ClearBridge Android App Developers
ClearBridge Android App Developers
ClearBridge Android App Development Company

Clients: The New York Times, Free the Children, Rogers, USA Today, Tim Hortons

Clearbridge Mobile is one more company that should be mentioned in this article. These guys have won numerous awards within the industry for their innovative approaches and great solutions. They’re goal-oriented and want to deliver impeccable apps to their clients. A large number of app development companies has grown from other tech enterprises. This one has been a mobile app firm from day one.

Clearbridge Mobile Inc. is an agile expert that has created a unique process in order to reduce possible risks and be transparent with every client. The team consists of Android app developers who are experienced and can easily create Android apps for smartphones, tablets, and TVs. Every application is designed and coded in-house. The firm guarantees its clients:

  • consulting and product strategy;
  • UX/UI design;
  • development;
  • testing;
  • technical delivery.

Thanks to the professional experts who have completed over 250 projects you’re going to get an exceptional application with all the necessary features.

Mobile app experts can also offer you innovative solutions and ideas that can make your app more user-friendly, thus reach a greater target audience. Thanks to custom agile methodology, every client becomes a part of the project and controls it. Although the whole process is rather standard — design, development, testing, and release, it is possible to make changes during any stage of the process. The team provides you with status reports on a daily basis, so you know what is done, what should be changed, etc. All the apps are submitted to the Google Play store. The team takes care of the app listing, descriptions, icons, etc. In case you have some questions to clarify, contact Clients Support group through the website of the company.

Headquarters: Toronto, Canada

Founded: 2010|Employees: 100

Mindinventory: Provides Future-Oriented Solutions

MI Android App Developers
MI Android App Developers
MI Android App Development Company

Clients: Panasonic, Maersk, Justfab, Pigi, Bhoj, MyPiece, In My Diery

If your business needs user-friendly and a trendy app, this company can be of the best help. Android application developers will do their best to meet all your requirements and develop a top-notch application. The company originated in India but has grown into a global firm that has clients from all over the world. It has been on the market for over eight years and has completed more than 700 projects.

The team consists of highly professional experts who are ready to start working on any project, as they have a profound knowledge of the field and understand all the subtleties about building an excellent app. Hire Android app developer from Mindinventory and you won’t regret it. Experts use native (Kotlin, Java) and hybrid (ReactJS, Ionic, Flutter) programming languages that will make an app run smoothly and impeccably. Mindinventory offers a range of Android app development services such as native and hybrid app development, UI/UX Design, support and maintenance, integration, widget development, consultation.

The company helps businesses that are in:

  • education;
  • entertainment;
  • travel;
  • social media;
  • healthcare;
  • lifestyle;
  • sports, etc.

Their works include such projects as Creator, In My Diary, Journey, 6 Pack Promise Plus, Inner Citadel, etc. Visit the website to view the whole portfolio. Clients have a chance to hire android application developers part-time, full-time, or choose hourly hiring in case you have minor issues to fix. If you need not only mobile apps, the company can also provide you with other services such as web app development, blockchain development, IoT app development, etc.

Headquarters: Ahmedabad, India; USA, Australia, Scotland, South Africa, Chile

Founded: 2011|Employees: 130

Fueled: The Art Behind the Code of Android App developers

Fueled Android App Development Company

Clients: Warby Parker, HBO, Glamour, Ducati, Verizon, Hallmark

Fueled has not only a unique style and approach to mobile app development but also top Android app developers. They can turn any idea into a masterpiece that will work in an impeccable way. The company has paved its way to leaders in the mobile app development industry. Whether you are a large enterprise or a young startup company, developers from Fueled will help you with your project.

Fueled has united designers and best Android application developers from all over the world under one roof and made it possible to produse exceptional products. The experience and skills set of these guys bring them a large number of clients. Take a look at the company’s portfolio and you’ll be amazed by the work. The company stands out from the crowd with the design of its apps. The applications look extremely beautiful and are user-friendly, be sure that your clients will enjoy using it. The team is ready to build an app for any industry from e-commerce or trivia apps to photographic toolkits.

Developers from Fueled aim to create apps that eventually can become indispensable in our daily life so they can spread quickly and bring more clients to your business. They employ an agile method in apps development that consists of 4 stages. The process is constantly tracked and clients get updates on a daily basis. This is extremely useful and has a lot of benefits. First of all, client companies are aware of what is going on right now, can participate in the process, and keep track of the progress. The apps from Fueled hit top ones on Google Play Store, be sure to have yours there too.

Headquarters: New York, the USA

Founded: 207|Employees: 50–250

Yalantis: Skilled Android App Developer for Hire

Yalantis Android App Developers
Yalantis Android App Developers
Yalantis Android App Development Company

Clients: Zillow, KPMG, eCuris, Homesway, Autoportal, Talos

The company has been established back in 2008, at a time when an app development field started to grow and develop fast. Top Android application developers are ready to make your app engaging and convenient to use. The company aims to suit the client’s requirements thus providing excellent solutions to make any app user-friendly and up-to-date.

New features and technologies appear constantly and it’s important to add these things to apps, so your clients won’t use interest in them. Yalantis team keeps up with the latest trends. Their clients can be sure to get high-quality apps as the best Android application developer is going to be in charge of the project. Adaptive UIs helps to create catchy interface that will fascinate your clients. Apart from great design, Android apps will fit device’s functional features as well as easily integrate with the platform.

Yalantis team of Android app developers follows the latest updates in the field and knows how to build in such features as Fingerprint, Camera API, Geolocation, Multiscreen, Widgets, Microphone, etc. into your app. Check out their portfolio yourself and see how projects like uCrop, JellyToolbar, Horizon, ToDoList, etc. were completed. All these hightech miracles are only possible thanks to skilled and self-driven professionals who love what they do. Get an app for any device (smartphone, Android wear, or TV) written in Kotlin or Java. Also, check out open-source components for Android and combine different technologies and layout design to suit your project.

Headquarters: Dnipro, Ukraine

Founded: 2008 | Employees: 50

Oxagile — Android Mobile Application Developers and More

Oxagile Android App Developers
Oxagile Android App Developers
Oxagile Android App Development Company

Clients: AIIR Consulting LLC, Google, Cardiff University, MMG Fusion, Influxis

Oxagile is where you can find Android app developers for hire to interweave the latest solutions into your software. This is the USA based company that serves clients all around the globe and provides efficient and compatible products. The project goes full-cycle within the company and is integrated into major platforms.

If you’re looking for Android mobile app developer to incorporate all top-notch features into one app, you should work with these professionals. In order to create a perfect application for Android phones, wearable devices, tables or TV, it is important not only know the technical side of the issue, but also be passionate about your job. This company has experts who are in love with their job and ready to complete any project of different complexity level. After 14 years of experience in the field of software technologies, Oxagile has satisfied the needs of over 400 clients.

The better your app is, the more new clients it will reach. Thus, the firm that is working on your case should be trustworthy, quality and revenue-oriented, as well as driven by the power of the up-to-date innovations. The app for your business should enforce your services. A feature-packed application can easily go on a home screen of your customer. Therefore, it’s important to cooperate with top Android application developers who can deliver an impeccable program that can smoothly run on any platform. Find out more on the website and experience great satisfaction provided by the company to their every client.

Headquarters: New York, the USA

Founded: 2005| Employees: 300

ScienceSoft: Top Android Application Developers for Your Service

Sciencesoft Android App Developers
Sciencesoft Android App Developers
Sciencesoft Android App Development Company

Clients: Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, ServiceNow, Pimcore, Magento

ScienceSoft is one of the pioneers within the sphere of software development. Being established in 1989, the company has gained worldwide acclaim thanks to its expert Android app developers. These professionals have carefully designed solutions for various types of mid-size and large enterprises. The scope of their activity includes such industries as healthcare, banking, telecom, retail, etc.

The company has completed over 350 mobile application projects that went through the full-cycle development process. The initial stage is when Android application developers examine your requirements and build a strategy to fulfill your project. The next comes development stage where native or cross-platform app is built. Once the experts add the last nuances, the app goes through thorough testing in order to make sure that there are no bugs, and integration with platforms and publication on Google Play will go at ease. After this final stage, your app will be supported by the team.

The experts from ScienceSoft use both Java and Kotlin to write apps. They also utilize Android SDK, UIAutomator, Volley, Gradle, etc. to produce powerful applications that go with any device, starting from smartphone and ending with TV. Working with these guys can bring you a lot of benefits apart from perfectly designed and coded app as they work fast, provide time- and cost-effective development and closely cooperate with the partners, thus making the process totally transparent. High-quality and exceptional services are guaranteed on behalf of the ScienceSoft team of qualified experts. Learn more from the portfolio of the company which is available on the website.

Headquarters: Dallas, the USA

Founded: 1989| Employees: 550

Openxcell: Android App Developers to Suit Your Needs

Openxcell Android App Developers
Openxcell Android App Developers
Openxcell Android App Development Company

Clients: Google, Practo, Unilever, UTV, University of Florida, Conagra

Openxcell company has been established in 2008 and since then has proven not only that they have top Android app developers working for them, but also an excellent approach to every client and forefuture views. Mobile app development is one of their major specializations and is known all around the world.

The best Android application developers work here and try to meet all the requirements and preferences of their clients. In case you want to find a team of experts that is willing to turn any crazy idea into reality, you came across the right place. They have worked with over 800 clients in the course of time of the company existence, completed numerous projects and won a great deal of awards. These profs know how to build an engaging app and make your program spread like a virus. The firm runs end-to-end development meaning that even after an app is finished, they will take care of marketing stage.

First, Openxcell builds an app strategy after the requirements were discussed. An excellent strategy is 50% of success thus facilitating the next stages. Then, they take care of app development, testing, support and maintenance. What is unique about this company is that they have also marketing geniuses who can bring your app on the market and make it work the best way possible. Openxcell work results in growth of clients and revenue for your business. This is a group of people who cherish loyal and trustworthy collaboration between partners, work efficiency and excellence. Become a part of the process and see how professional this firm is.

Headquarters: Gujarat, India

Founded: 2008| Employees: 300

All in all, we have discussed the top Android application developers available on the market. Get in touch with the companies, compare and choose the one you like the most. Running a good business nowadays is impossible without proficient mobile apps or software, so don’t hesitate to invest in it. Applications have a lot of advantages for the business of different size and field of activity. All the companies listed above are different but have one thing in common — they do care about every single aspect of an app and their clients.

Have you found a solution? No? Check the list of top custom software development companies :)

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