Top Blockchain Development Companies 2019

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Mar 15 · 16 min read

Hire top blockchain developers and win the market!

List of Top Blockchain Development Companies & Developers 2019

To develop a comprehensive list of top blockchain development companies this year, various factors should be taken into consideration. Given the recent dynamic changes in the innovation, the criteria for choosing among numerous blockchain companies also experienced certain transformation. But before diving into all the dilemmas and complications of distinguishing top blockchain companies in 2019, let’s clarify what is this know-how all about and what are the main characteristics of a blockchain company as a vendor of this service.

So, blockchain technology entered the world as an innovative invention on the basis of three existing technologies: private key cryptography, P2P network, and a protocol governing incentivization. Based on these peculiarities, to claim oneself as a blockchain development company, the provider should possess the skills in software programming, expertise in processing data structures, and the knowledge of working with the basic blockchain tools — like hyper ledger and Etherium. However, comprehending these components is surely not enough to enter the list of top blockchain companies — though provides the sustainable basis for offering blockchain services to the potential clients.

A blockchain, originally block chain, is a growing list of records, called blocks, which are linked using cryptography. Each block contains a cryptographic hash of the previous block, a timestamp, and transaction data (generally represented as a merkle tree root hash) [Wikipedia]

What’s the advanced level of blockchain expertise?

Among all, as the current trends show, the best blockchain development companies started implementing this technology far beyond its commonly used Bitcoin and Etherium appearances. Nowadays, this situation introduces the need to both master various blockchain fabrics and enlarge the list of available services and solutions for the providers in the field.

Furthermore, the transformation potential of innovation attracted the attention of the key players in the software development world. And so, you can find among the best blockchain companies such popular titles as IBM, Intellectsoft, and Ciklum. Their capabilities complicate the situation for start-up blockchain companies — but intensify the interconnection between the technology and the trendy AI, machine learning, and cloud elaboration.

What are the best blockchain companies?

In the given circumstances, the task of distinguishing the best of the best among various blockchain development companies is really tough. With most providers, the problems frequently arise in terms of their professionalism, because of the limited list of available blockchain development services, or inability to reach the provider from the distant market. Because of that, we’ve chosen 10 top blockchain development companies that have already proven their expertise, can satisfy the various blockchain needs and have a global presence.

Here’s the shortlist of these leading blockchain development companies:

  • CoinFabrik
  • Intellectsoft Blockchain Lab
  • Empirica
  • LeewayHertz
  • Invoices
  • BRSoftech
  • Ciklum
  • Infosys
  • IBM Blockchain
  • MLG

Let’s investigate in detail each representative of these best blockchain development companies. When it comes to the details, each of them has a different focus, list of available services, and the concrete expertise in blockchain technology. Because of this, the structure of review takes into consideration all these differences to help the reader choose the best blockchain company for the specific needs.

#1 CoinFabrik: A blockchain development company from Argentina

CoinFabrik: A blockchain development company from Argentina

Concentrated on crafting secure decentralized solutions, CoinFabrik is a globally acknowledged top blockchain development company. Relying on an interdisciplinary approach, it presents the diversified set of services and solutions Among the concrete offerings of this blockchain development company, it is capable to guarantee a top-level security audit, decentralized solution development, strategic advisory, and various training services. As for the specifics of this package, the provider protects tokens, crowdfunding programs and applications, crafts decentralization roadmaps, and assists in the decision-making process on introducing the hyper ledger technology. Moreover, Coinfabrik is a blockchain company that delivers customized solutions — including fundraising programs (a customizable web-based platform for allocating funds from various crypto assets), exchange as a service (within a white-label trade), and mellow wallet (or a tool for exchanging different types of digital assets).

Headquarters: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Contact: | Founded: 2014 | Employees: 5–49

As the key solution this best blockchain company offers, presenting the exchange as a service allows satisfying the demand in trading on a highly secure and effective platform. Supporting multiple coins, ERC20 tokens, and fiat money, it aims at guaranteeing maximum protection and simplicity. In particular, it ensures a robust security architecture (with several protection layers — like 2-factor authentication and advanced encryption), supports the the maximum amount of devices and the highest level of performance (in a form of operating 300+ orders per second with an order delay less than 30 ms), builds customized bots on a powerful API basis, and maintains a high-quality support. As a result, CoinFabrik ensures four competitive advantages of its service: security, flexibility, scalability, and simplicity. And the wide list of its clients, including Jaxx, Hubii, UbanX, RNDR, Telegram, Olyseum, Wibson, Wings, MuleSoft, support its status as a top blockchain development company.

Expertise: security audit, decentralized solution development, blockchain development, training and strategic advisory services.

#2 Intellectsoft Blockchain Lab: Blockchain development services from Intellectsoft Group, the software development market leader

Intellectsoft Blockchain Lab

Intellectsoft Blockchain Lab is a dimension within Intellectsoft Group, the leading software development company in the world. As a blockchain engineering and technical consulting studio, it relies on the potential capabilities of Ledger Technologies in innovating the markets. Specifically, the blockchain development company believes in advanced transparency, automation, and effectiveness that clients can reach by using its corporate services. Embracing the extensive expertise in the area, the top blockchain development company unites talents from Eastern Europe who work on two key dimensions of blockchain services — designed either for startups or for enterprises.

Headquarters: Palo Alto, CA

Contact: | Founded: 2018 | Employees: 250–499

Aimed at guaranteeing the real business value, this top blockchain company develops enhanced solutions on blockchain implementation. Because of that, the inclusion of blockchain engineering, cryptography, and cybersecurity is a must of the provider. In this context, Intellectsoft Blockchain Lab relies on numerous technologies in its development activities, including Etherium, Parity, Hyperledger Fabric, Hyperledger Sawtooth, Hyperledger Indy, EOS, Corda R3, Stellar, Exonum, and NXT. Moreover, the blockchain development company supports several reputable platforms on market — like Oracle Autonomous Blockchain Cloud Service, IBM Blockchain Platform, Azure Blockchain Workbench, Amazon Managed Blockchain, and Google Cloud Platform. As an important dimension that deserved trust from clients, the provider ensures several compliances — with AML/KYC (or ‘anti-money laundering’ and ‘know your customer’ practices), GDPR (EU regulation of general data protection and privacy), PSI DSS (The Payment Card Industry Security Standard), and PSD2 (Payment Services Directive), among others. Because of that, the blockchain company gained its reputation as the market leader and a trendsetter.

Expertise: blockchain development, product design, Smart Contracts, blockchain technology consulting, Proof of Concept elaborations, Consortium networks, managing blockchain infrastructure.

#3 Empirica: Fintech and blockchain software development company for European and US markets

Empirica: Fintech and blockchain software development company

Operating in financial markets, Empirica Software is a well-known blockchain development company that protects complex transactions. Basically, Empirica Software works with four types of cryptocurrency and blockchain solutions: cryptocurrency algorithmic trading platform, ICO investor platform, technology for cryptocurrency exchanges, and crypto asset management. Furthermore, this representative in the list of blockchain companies provides the comprehensive package of innovative services — meaning working with blockchain systems development, smart contracts, and ICO. Among the areas where these corporate services and solutions work at their best, there are financial systems, product tracking, organizational recordkeeping, global payments, and trade finance. All these factors make it relevant to conclude that Empirica is the best blockchain development company for the financial sector.

Headquarters: Wroclaw, Poland

Contact: | Founded: 2009 | Employees: 5–49

Making distributed systems on a hyper ledger technology basis, Empirica successfully popularized the idea of secure and fast transactions all over the world. Among the customers of this blockchain development company, there are Warsaw Stock Exchange, InvestHelp, EFL (owned by Credit Agricole), Bank of Environmental Protection Brokerage House, Investio, MetLife, and European Central Bank. As for the peculiarities of the provider’s service package, the special attention deserves its Robo Advisor Software — a smart robo-advisory platform developed for wealth managers to create sophisticated investment algorithms and attract more customers. The key directions of its activity include investors’ management (in the form of the onboarding process, advisor dashboard, investor dashboard, and customer engagement) and services’ management (as portfolio management, algorithmic engine, system management, appearance, and online presence). In addition, Fintech Software Framework is a very important elaboration of Empirica. It works as a security module, advanced charting, report engine, payments integration, notification engine, administration console, document management, scheduling, internationalization, auditing, lightweight CMS, and a configuration module. All these components justify the title of the best blockchain company for Empirica.

Expertise: FinTech software development, blockchain development, machine learning, data science, and AI for FinTech.

#4 LeewayHertz: Blockchain development company for startups and enterprises from the USA

LeewayHertz Blockchain development company

Having baggage of over a hundred of successful digital cases, LeewayHertz keeps its place among top blockchain companies in many ratings. In its elaborations, this blockchain development company relies, among all, on emerging technologies from the worlds of the blockchain, artificial intelligence, custom software, and IoT. With their help, it offers the diversified set of services to the clients — from dApp development to DevOps. And the level of its supply attracts numerous respected customers — like P&G, McKinsey & Company, Siemens, Hershey’s, Manchester United, and Budweiser. Their trust put LeewayHertz in the line of the leading blockchain companies in the world.

Headquarters: San Francisco, CA

Contact: | Founded: 2007 | Employees: 100–499

As for the details of the service package, the achievements of LeewayHertz in blockchain development include ensuring the highest level of trust, transparency, and reliability for business transactions. Among the exact solutions, this representative of blockchain development companies offers dApps, Etherium smart contracts, supply chain solutions on hyper ledger basis, Hedera Hashgraph, and ICO launch. Moreover, AI elaborations are designed to boost sales and advance marketing efforts of the clients. In its turn, the IoT dimension grounds on cooperation with RIVA Audio in supporting a smart speaker product on Trillium Technology. DevOps, microservices, cloud, platform development, and SaaS platform, united under the custom software development dimension, successfully combine design and technology for crafting these effective cutting-edge solutions. Finally, innovation through technology accelerates business growth by adopting the brand-new elaborations of IoT, AI, AR, chatbots, and cloud. In this context, the most successful cases of the blockchain development company include creating a supply chain platform for pharmacy sector and a multi-room speaker controls app. With TradeX, tracking drugs delivery gained extra efficiency, including the proper attention to losses identification. In its turn, RIVA Turbo Bluetooth Speaker allows streaming multiple speakers without acoustic desynchronization.

Expertise: blockchain development, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, custom software development, innovation through technology.

#5 Innovecs: Blockchain software development outsourcing company from Ukraine

Innovecs: Blockchain software development outsourcing company

As a national leader in the digital industry, Innovecs offers its clients an ability to make a quantum leap in business performance by introducing the newest technologies into the organizational design. As an important component of its competitive advantage, the best blockchain development company relies on outsourcing, which allows it to significantly cut the cost of its services. Among the exact industries Innovecs works with, there are software and high-tech, e-commerce, e-learning, communications, healthcare, media and publishing, supply chain, and ad tech. Because of that, the provider manages to keep the title of the top blockchain development company that is supported by numerous satisfied customers — like Turbine, Zynga, Edx, Captify, flex, and EZ Texting.

Headquarters: Ukraine

Contact: | Founded: 2011 | Employees: 250–499

As the core of the expertise Innovecs possesses, its willingness to deliver a highly customized and sustainable solutions on the market is prominent, distinguishing it from other blockchain companies. In the NewTech dimension, it relies on BI and Big Data (to dissect the important patterns, propose analytical models, and mitigate decision-making risk), AI and machine learning (to introduce algorithms for web-search results, pricing models, fraud detection, pattern recognition, and network detection), blockchain development (as the basis for application development, architecture, and integration software outsourcing services), and IoT (to enter the market of physical products). Secondly, QA elaborations include QA automation (or a high-quality code testing), manual QA (to check the quality of the final product), performance QA (for the proper management and maintenance of QA software ensuring standards), and QA security (as a vulnerability assessment). Moreover, the best blockchain development company makes web and cloud on UX-UI and DevOps basis. In its turn, mobile app development includes both native and hybrid dimensions. Finally, the input into art production of this best blockchain company includes animation, visual effects, and ART (as managing outsourced art projects).

Expertise: blockchain development, BI and Big Data, AI and machine learning, performance QA, QA automation, DevOps, hybrid apps development, UI-UX, animation, IoT.

#6 BRSoftech: Blockchain development services from India

BRSoftech Blockchain development services

According to the motto of BRSoftech, it wants to “Think. Design. Develop. Innovate” the businesses of its clients. Specifically, the provider works with web and mobile app development of the highest reliability. As the blockchain development company, it unites the team of almost 200 professionals and manages to satisfy the demand in cryptocurrency development — meaning consultations, wallet development, coin creation, mining, ICO marketing, and exchange app services. And the application of its Hyperledger fabric has proved its effectiveness in numerous cases, including eliminating the common blockchain obstacles that other developers overlook.

Headquarters: Jaipur, India

Contact: | Founded: 2010 | Employees: 150–249

Among the important collaborations BRSoftech participates in, it obtains a Microsoft certified partnership, cooperates with Amazon web services and Acquia, and possesses membership in Nasscom. In the Hyperledger development dimension, the provider applies the basis for smart contracts, works on mediating decentralized digital communities, increases the business output, and establishes a sustainable hub with numerous features — including network platform, higher accuracy, open source security, reliable business model, scalability and transparency, and confidential transactions. As for the cryptocurrency, blockchain company offers software and app development services for various sectors and of the highest quality. Specifically, it crafts a customized independent cryptocurrency development software that converts abstract ideas about transparent and secure transactions into reality. And among the industries that benefit from the corporate efforts, there are education, media, entertainment, FMCG, pharmacy, real estate, e-commerce, and tourism, among many others. Because of this diversified and enhanced set of services, the company totally deserves its place in this list of top blockchain development companies.

Expertise: Hyperledger blockchain development, cryptocurrency development, bitcoin software development, cryptocurrency ICO development.

#7 Ciklum: Blockchain development services provider of a global scale

Ciklum: Blockchain development services

Basing its activity on inspiring innovation, Ciklum is a representative of top blockchain companies that have a long-term trustworthy reputation on this market. As for the key directions of the services designed, the vendor professionally assists numerous organizations in extending the team, building ideas from scratch, and managing entire business solutions. And the title of a top blockchain development company is deserved by Ciklum because of its outstanding work with smart contracts and supply chains. In this context, logistics, finance, and banking industries can benefit from its services on introducing the safest transactions the most.

Headquarters: Kyiv, Ukraine

Contact: | Founded: 2002 | Employees: around 3,000

In fact, blockchain services occupy a very small percentage of the overall corporate potential in Ciklum. Notwithstanding this limited amount, the quality of its solutions is outstanding on the digital market. Specializing in nearshore software development, the representative of top blockchain companies is capable to offer clients immense expertise in the delivered innovative services. Also, it empowers the solutions with its own R&D laboratory. And this approach has clear advantages. Being different from the other blockchain development companies, Ciklum delivers the wide range of qualified services to support smart contracts introduction — like expertise design and hardware prototyping from the world of the Internet of Things or deep learning and natural language processing with the help of AI. As a result, the provider automates the financial procedures by saving the companies millions of dollars and introduces higher digitalization and transparency into supply chain business processes. All this together justifies the provider’s place among top blockchain companies in this rating.

Expertise: smart contracts, blockchain development for supply chain, research and development, IoT, AI.

#8 Infosys: A giant blockchain company from India

Infosys: A giant blockchain company

Infosys is a blockchain development company that specializes in shared ledger, distributed ledger, and smart contracts. As for the exact offerings, it delivers blockchain incubation as a service, along with various blockchain services and solutions, and establishes the entire Infosys blockchain platform. And so, various enterprises can refer to this blockchain company and receive solutions on trend research, accelerated prototyping, design thinking, technology advisory, consulting, testing, integration with the existing apps, or even gain access to the ready-to-use platform that unites various networks. And numerous brands from energetic, financial, healthcare, aviation, agriculture, manufacturing, and retail industries have already checked and trusted this blockchain company their key operations.

Headquarters: Bengaluru, India

Contact: | Founded: 1981 | Employees: around 187,000

Among the exact components of the blockchain shared ledger Infosys offers on market, it aims at establishing a traceable and reliable source of truth, boundaryless collaboration with greater visibility, automation, and autonomous networks. Moreover, the blockchain company considers the importance of four factors: industry experience (meaning comprehension of how domains, processes, and interrelation between industries work), partnerships (with platform vendors, blockchain consortia, universities, and research hubs), blockchain technology capability (including consensus between depth and security, adoption to multiple platforms, and infrastructure) and augmented technologies (among all, IoT, AI, and cloud). In this context, the value proposition established consists of three keys elements: accelerating of realization, achieving interoperability, and enabling trusted ecosystems. Because of that, it manages to provide the advanced level of services on the market — and gets the title of the top blockchain development company in the presented list.

Expertise: blockchain incubation as a service, technology advisory, consulting, development services, integration, testing, industry-specific blockchain solutions, blockchain platform.

#9 IBM Blockchain: Enterprise blockchain solutions & software from one of the most powerful brands in the world

IBM Blockchain: Enterprise blockchain solutions

Being a global leader, IBM Blockchain is revolutionizing industries by introducing blockchain services on the level of bottom-line business results. As for the core competencies that distinguish it from other top blockchain companies, this provider possesses security as a scale, trusted expertise, and network convening power. In addition, IBM Blockchain is known by its certainty to overcome business challenges of a different scale — meaning an ability to create an understandable and transferable blockchain architecture for the desired network commercialization. These factors turn the provider into the best blockchain development company.

Headquarters: Armonk, NY

Contact: | Founded: 1911 | Employees: around 380,000

In general, the process of introducing technology into business operations by this blockchain company has three stages: start (designing activities on the business outcomes, related use cases, and basic features of the product), accelerate (determining regulations, operating model, and processing new members), and innovate (integrating the established network into the newly created value). In the given circumstances, the vendor established the fastest delivery service on the hyper ledger market. As one of the most promising dimensions of work with this best blockchain development company, Trade Finance enables discovering new trust levels, liquidity pools, and business models in the existing partnerships. Moreover, the provider works on reshaping finance, healthcare, government, and manufacturing in various ways. For instance, it helped the Center for Disease Control and Prevention to start managing public health with blockchain. In Singapore, it contributed to applying the innovation to customs declarations. Because of that, IBM Blockchain is not only a reliable but also a reputable blockchain development company praised all over the world.

Expertise: blockchain platform, blockchain development, world-wire transactions.

#10 MLG: Blockchain development & consulting company from Canada

MLG Blockchain development & consulting company

As a leading blockchain development company, MLG Blockchain specializes in venture creation and advising services of a premium level. In addition, the provider concentrates on spreading accurate knowledge about this technology among the public. Because of that, the clients of MLG Blockchain get an opportunity to develop their own strategy and include this innovation into the corporate design. In addition, the specialties of this representative of blockchain companies include guiding the customers from creating an idea map to the full-scale marketing campaign of the developed service. Its global scale of assistance is supported by more than 50 established partnerships — including ones with IBM, Global Blockchain Network, and Hyperion. With their help, MLG Blockchain gained the reputation of the most helpful blockchain development company not only in Canada but also all over the world.

Headquarters: Toronto, Canada

Contact: | Founded: 2016 | Employees: 5–49

As the portfolio of MLG Blockchain shows, it’s one of the most popular providers of hyper ledger technology all over the world — with clients like bitJob, BTC, Fysical, Lala World, Noiz, Ubex, and many others. As for the particular services delivered, the blockchain company works with numerous fabrics, including Bitcoin Blockchain, Etherium, Hyperledger, EOS, Ripple, and Factom. Among the concrete solutions wide expertise enables, global capital, blockchain consulting, and transformation appeared as the main dimensions of the corporate activity. First, global capital includes various measures on capital rise preparation and outreach, full-time marketing, PR strategy, and community and event management. In its turn, blockchain consulting gains the form of PoC and MVP design, technical advisory, smart contract guidance, and UI-UX. Finally, the transformation of businesses happens through educational workshops, assistance in recruiting, strategic partnerships, wise implementation, and integration of blockchain services. Such specialized knowledge left us nothing but to include this provider into this list of best blockchain companies.

Expertise: blockchain development, global capital, blockchain consulting, transformation.

So, now it’s your time to choose!

As we’ve defined a top blockchain development company, this provider should possess three key components: professionalism, satisfactory list of offerings, and international availability. These are the basic elements all the blockchain companies in this overview.

And now, we recommend making the final choice based on your specific needs in this technology. As you can notice, all the presented blockchain development companies have different profiles: some providers have outstanding blockchain consultancy specialities, while the others can support their blockchain solutions with the powerful platform and software development features. In the given circumstances, you can decide what is the best blockchain development company in your concrete case, not in the generalized rating of top blockchain companies taken from the Internet. This approach will surely be more helpful and satisfactory.

So, read carefully the descriptions of all 10 best blockchain companies — but make your own choice in the end!

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