Ode to movements, To #WeWillNotBeTrumped

A thank you to the organizers from BlackOut Collective and Diablo Rising Ride.

Commentary from thousands of miles away. 
Protestors, workers, picketers almost always held in less than high esteem. 
A middle class, pro-top of the system thinking. 
That middle to upper class, who rarely graces the other side of the picket line or barricade. 
Will continue…
Continue to misreport.
Misreport what is happening.
Misreport the grave circumstances…
Grave circumstances…
Circumstances that made it not possible …
But necessary!
Some even closer will say they should get involved in politics.
In registering voters and ticking sheets. 
As if this were not the grandest act of political speech.

I sat eye to eye with a woman.
Who had put her body on the line.
She was the line, willing to risk arrest. 
To give her full body.
To give her body, to right this body politic. 
For she must believe it is rightable.
And she sang a powerful yet tired song.
Tears behind my dark sunglasses sprang.
It is tired for so many years it must be asked…
“Which side are you on?”