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After 20+ years in the Army I took a job for $11.00 an hour for a few extra bucks at a distribution center. These jobs are readily available. Our temps are paid $10.00 an hour by the way. I could have gotten a better job, but I wanted the greatest amount of freedom and the least amount of responsibility. I am up to $15.00 an hour in 7 years plus 4 weeks paid vacation, OT whenever I want and can call off with zero repercussions. In fact I am at work now with free time to surf the web. My daughter’s boyfriend had a job at a Wendy’s for $8.00 an hour to start and was offered raise to take a team lead position fewer than 6 months later. I mention all of this to say that if you take a job for $7.70 an hour and in 10 years you only go up 20 cents an hour, perhaps you are the problem.

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