Email Newsletters I Look Forward To (And Actually Read)

I hate email, but that doesn’t stop me from subscribing to way more email newsletters than I actually get around to reading. There are a select few that I highly recommend and read every time they arrive, unlike so much of the personal email I get (sorry mom).

Kevin Rose has an informative and interesting podcast called The Journal that I listen to. His accompanying email newsletter of the same name is one I look forward to every month.

Speaking of podcasts with accompanying email newsletters, in addition to being an avid listener of Tim Ferriss’ podcast, I also enjoy his weekly 5-Bullet Friday email.

Kevin Kelly, Mark Frauenfelder and Claudia Dawson do a newsletter called Recomendo that always introduces me to at least one thing I didn’t know about. It’s all over the place — Web sites, gear, life hacks, books, etc.

Sean Bonner’s newsletter always seems to arrive at just the right time. Never predictable, filled with great links, commentary and other interesting stuff, it always makes for great reading and discovery.

Jason Hirschhorn’s MediaREDEF is somewhat of a mixed blessing of a newsletter. On the one hand, it’s pristinely curated and on the other hand it’s a serious rabbit hole. While I read the entire newsletter, I end up adding a lot to my Instapaper for later. Frankly, you should subscribe to all of his newsletters.

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