On his Facebook profile, Glen Casada lists himself as an “unapologetic Republican.” Considering the explosion of scandals in the last week of the 2019 Tennessee Legislature and his continued excuses for inexcusable behavior, perhaps he should have simply gone with “unapologetic.”

For those who haven’t had time to keep up—and there’s been a lot to keep up with—a quick recap:

Tennessee Senator Marsha Blackburn recently dropped some shocking news about the Green New Deal. Appearing on Fox Business, the Junior Senator said the deal would bring an end to FedEx, steaks, and even hamburgers!

“If they had their way, FedEx would be out of business. So all of these packages that people are getting from online shopping, that delivery would come to an end.

You would see cattle farming — the biggest part of our Ag Sector in Tennessee — that would come to an end. You couldn’t go grab a steak or a hamburger because they would end that…

Brad Batt

“Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.” ~ Dietrich Bonhoeffer

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