If it could go wrong… It did go wrong.

Well we have now switched off from the in house team to the content team. I now have so much more to worry about because I have to get all my packages and VO-SOTs done. The first day I went to get some VO for the Chick-Fil-A and Qdoba story. Next year, Lindenwood is switching its food stations around and adding those two restaurants. I did that while I was waiting on a player profile package. Then later in the week I wanted to run a Package or VO-SOT on the new Under Armour deal that Lindenwood signed. It’s pretty big that we signed Under Armour as our official outfitter for jerseys, and other apparel. While I was getting VO for the Under Armour story, I was also trying to get some VO for the Amanda Ford case and trying to set up a possible interview. Ford had been missing for a couple of days before people found her car overturned in a deep embankment. She was found dead inside the car. After talking with 3 different people, I had talked to the Sargent that was in charge of the case. We did a short interview over the phone going through details of what happened. After the interview we had about 2 hours left until the show and I still wanted to get some VO of the crash site, well it was 45 minutes away and I was still getting VO for the Under Armour story. So that didn’t happen. I was then still trying to get interviews for the Under Armour story and people were either busy and or did not respond back in time for me to edit and such. So I had two stories of mine go down the drain. But on the bright side I still picked up hours for getting VO for Brandon’s class!

The next week was rough again. I was shooting a player profile of a bowler from Costa Rica on the Lindenwood team. I got my video done, but then I realized that I needed 3 interviews for a package, so I put it off until the next show. The next day I got my other interviews and I was ready to finish it off. Well, I forgot to consolidate my footage after I uploaded the clips and it didn’t save them and about 2/3rds of my media was offline and gone forever. So I had to re-shoot almost everything and put this package off ANOTHER SHOW. Describing these last two weeks has been just incredibly frustrating. I’ve learned so much and just hope my luck goes better because in my eyes, I went 0–5 when I need to have so much work in. I also had a couple stories I proposed that I couldn’t do. But right now I’m currently on a plane somewhere over Colorado or Utah, on my way to Las Vegas to bowl collegiate sectionals. It’s going to be a long and exhausting trip but, I can’t wait to get over this so I can get back to the newsroom and create content for the show!

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