Ten one-two punches who remained relevant for a significant stretch, but never won a championship.

The top-ten was weighed by the following factors, among others:

  1. How long did they play together? Specifically, how long were they their team’s №1 and №2 options?
  2. How long did they remain title contenders? How close did they come to winning a championship?
  3. What was their ceiling as a duo…

The Motor City is amidst its longest championship drought since a 16-year stretch from 1968 to 1984. And, with all four teams stagnant at best and declining at worst, there may be no end in sight.

Welcome to the basement. You know you’ve hit rock bottom as a sports city when your best chance at winning a championship rests in the hands of the same team that’s been so pathetic, for so long, that its fan base is comfortably numb. If you don’t know that feeling…

The New York rappers who laid claim to the Mecca’s throne, from Hip-hop’s golden age until now

I’ve spent the last three years living in New York hoping to stumble into a barbershop debate similar to the one Jay Z teases on “Where I’m From,” the penultimate track off his sophomore album, 1997’s In My Lifetime, Vol. 1.

“I’m from where niggas pull your card, And argue…

Over six seasons with the Pistons, Hill was considered the heir apparent to Michael Jordan. But two decades removed from his departure, Piston fans remember Hill as a victim of circumstance — the bridge between the two most successful eras in franchise history

My earliest basketball memories belong to Grant Hill, though this is largely by default: between my 2nd and 8th birthdays — a crucial point in any budding sports addict’s young life — Hill played his first six seasons in the NBA (from 1994 to 2000) with my Detroit Pistons.


In Search of the Most Tortured Sports City

The city of Cleveland’s 52-year championship drought put things into perspective for fans of long-suffering fanbases who root for winners across town. Take Cubs fans, for example: the team’s 2016 title, though its first in 108 years, was the city of Chicago’s twelfth championship since 1985; likewise, the New York…

Handing out 20 awards in honor of 20 hopeless seasons as a Detroit Lions fan

The Detroit Lions are the most tortured franchise in the NFL. And, though I’m biased, this is in no way a subjective statement. I say this confidently. I say this definitively. I expect other fan bases, three, in particular — Bills, Browns, and Vikings — will passionately disagree: The Bills…

Brad Callas

As seen in: Complex, DJBooth, Sports Illustrated

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