fine let’s pass that war
Caleb Lytton-Jean

Lets address each:

  • Rape: If humans deserve human rights. Then why are we giving the death penalty to the child for what the father did?
  • Defect: Should we stop giving cancer treatments to people because they are expensive and will probably die anyways?
  • Life of the mother in danger: If two people are drowning, you swim out and do your best to save one. Then you go back and try to save the other. You don’t swim out and then push one of their heads under water because they will probably die anyways. Right?
  • For reasons of poverty: Lets say a financial stable couple has a baby. After the first year of life, they encounter hard times. May that couple kill the 1 year old for reasons of poverty?
  • You are calling it a fetus, but what kind of fetus is it?
  • So you think we should throw away 30 million humans because nobody will want them? What if your parents decided to throw you away? Would you have a different opinion if you survived? I think people would prefer the chance at life rather than being thrown away. I know I would.

You value women more than men? Aren’t we all created equal?

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