Me & my meds
Rosemary Donahue

Disease States and medication related illnesses often overlap. We visit our medical provider describing symptoms that parallel a disease state and are prescribed medications to treat that disease state when, often, the disease presented is, in fact, a side effect of a medication previously prescribed (which may have been prescribed for another side effect, etc).

Polypharmacy (usually considered more than 4 medications prescribed together) runs rampant in our society, leading to more and more drug interactions, adverse drug reactions, and side effects with, often, yet another medication prescribed! Interestingly these anomalies can be avoided with “medication management” a service becoming more and more prevalent over time. I encourage everyone, especially the elderly, their caregiver, and those with debilitating illnesses to check with their local pharmacy to determine if they offer such a service! If not, they can certainly point you in the direction of a clinician who can provide such a service!

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