Dear Adobe,

I got my iPad Pro — the tablet that’s roughly the size of an antelope — Last week. It will be a while longer before the fancy pencil arrives so I figured I would check out your iPad apps.

Confession Time. I’ve seen the tweets and videos for your mobile apps for years, but I never stopped to pay attention. I was pretty happy with the way everything was working on the desktop, so I was good to go.

I’ve been thinking a lot about workflow on the iPad. I’ve been working on a Surface Pro the last year or so. I can sketch, color, ink, vector up my artwork and then get it press or web ready all on one device and often times just using one or two programs: Photoshop and Illustrator. …


Last week was Rustbelt Refresh, which is a web design conference I co-organize with Bridget Stewart and Brad Dielman. Several people noticed something new this year: a code of conduct. A couple asked: “Why are you doing this, did you have problems last year?” The short answer is no, but we’ve been organizing local web events for years.

Early on we did all this through Meetup.com but later on we formed the Cleveland Web Standards Association or CWSA. And with any free local meet up, sometimes a jerk shows up. It happens.

There was the one guy, we’ll call him Mike. Wait, we can’t call him Mike, that’s his real name. …

Brad Colbow

Independent UX/UI designer. Creator of the comic strip The Brads. CEO and Co-Founder of my daughter, Abby.

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