Notes Sunday March 12 - 2017

In the Old Testament, believers had to perform sacrifices and other rituals, because God said to do these things in the belief that God’s son would one day be the ultimate sacrifice.

After Christ’s death and resurrection, believers no long need follow these instructions. For all who lived during and for all who live after, we are saved by the acknowledgment of Christ’s overcoming sin and death for us, as described in the gospel.

This is similar to our drivers license. The people of the Old testament were given these instructions like we are given a temporary drivers license. The license will expire after 40 days. In the same way, the means of salvation expired when Jesus died as the ultimate sacrifice. Now we are saved through the acceptance of Christ in our hearts and the acknowledgment that His death covers ALL of our sins. This new method of salvation is our permanent license. We no longer need to practice these Old testament practices. And to do so would be wrong.

Many people in Church today, like the false profits, believe that people come to Jesus through both faith and works. THIS IS WRONG! Jesus had to die, because ALL PEOPLE have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.

Those of you who feel out of place when you are with Christians, those of you who feel unworthy or unwelcome among Christians, those of you who say “God cannot forgive me for the things I have done,” to these people I say “THE BIBLE IS TAILOR MADE FOR YOU!” This is important! The Bible was written for you personally.

Mark’s story:

“Several years ago, I met a man at an old gas station. I struck up a conversation with him and soon learned of his service in the army. During the Vietnam war the man had killed a several people. However, what troubled the man most was the fact that, after the war, the man had murdered a civilian. “God cannot forgive me for the things I have done!” “I have friends who have gone to Hell and I will be with them soon…” Although I was a bit frightened, I told the man of Moses, who killed the Egyptian slave driver and David, who killed so many people. I could have also told him of Paul who also killed. I told the man that God forgave the people. And He can forgive you.

The Bible says that anyone who hates their brother is guilty of murder. Did you hear that? If I hate someone, I am guilty of murder. Any sin, no matter how small, separates us from Jesus. And only through His mercy are we forgiven.

If you consider yourself a good person who goes to Church and abstains from sin, you might want to make sure you are saved and are not guilty of the goal of self righteous.

If on the other hand, you are weighed down with guilt, perhaps you have betrayed a friend, maybe you have been guilty of prostitution or have partaking in other sexual sin or perhaps you have commuted murder or had an abortion.

God can and will forgive you.

You messed up.

Jesus died.

So you can have life.

Eternal Life.