A Possible Pivot

Ok, so while I still believe that Bernie can pull it off, it will probably take an ‘own goal’ by Hillary (emails, transcripts, who knows), or the supers somehow coming to their senses and flipping for him. The latter is unlikely, the former certainly possible.

Meanwhile, I propose a pivot. While we continue to help Bernie win the Presidential nomination (and he continues to distract the Dems and the media), we channel the energy of the movement into a hyper-efficient system for getting Berniecrats in Congress.

The movement has already proven its financial power, and dominance of social media. Let’s use those to go beyond what the Tea Party did, from the left. We can do it much more efficiently with available tools and serious momentum.

Here’s a rough approach:

  1. Start with a statement of principles that candidates would sign up for, like the Contract with America or the Norquist pledge.
  2. Prioritize Congressional districts by bang for the buck. Which are most likely to yield a win? Which existing Dem candidates will sign the pledge and be worthy of support? In which districts would a third candidate be best received.
  3. Make it easy for the existing Bernie Facebook groups to segment by Congressional District, e.g. automate groups built based on location.
  4. Make a simple Facebook app that let’s anyone who wants to be considered as the candidate in a given district throw their hat in the ring.
  5. Members of the group vote Smartocratically for the people they know. (more on that later)
  6. Each group could thereby quickly arrive at the best possible candidate with no money involved.
  7. Groups start a GoFundMe to fund whichever candidate is selected.
  8. They use social media and nationwide support/tools/branding to get the maximal outreach for each candidate.

Some small nationwide organization would be needed to:

  • provide overall the best practices, tools, branding, services, systems support needed
  • analyze the landscape and prioritize districts

Much of what’s needed is already in place. It wouldn’t take long or much money to get an effort like this going.