People and Groups Unite for Change in London

There seems to be a growing awareness, the current government is not acting in the best interests of the collective and rather serving the wealthy minority. As a result, the people who need help the most, aren’t getting it.

Last Saturday, I found myself in a March in central London, organised by the People’s Assembly and titled the Health, Homes, Jobs, and Education Demonstration. It came timely after the recent spill of information revealing how the super rich have been hiding their wealth in havens to avoid tax. Bare in mind this isn’t an illegal act, but one for moral question, absolutely. This information brought further attention to funding cuts implemented by government. The demo was organised as an action to bring about awareness of an unfair system and bring together people for change. For a system free of austerity.

“No one’s Helping me”

Go back a few days and I was walking through Camden after an afternoon in the markets, and noticed a man sitting on the streets. Those of us that have been in Camden, will know homelessness is no unusual site, but this guy took my attention. He was laying down, leg in what appeared to be a fresh cast. He also had crutches. He was clearly in pain, and I stopped for a chat. “No one’s helping me” he said. “I told them I had no where to go, but they didn’t care, they kicked me out the door” (referring to the doctors/hospital). “It’s hard to move, I need to get my leg better” . I could see he was genuinely in pain.

My excuse for walking on was perhaps inexcusable. I had a movie to catch with a friend, and so I gave 5 quid and walked on.

While walking I continued to ponder how I could help this man. There was no quick solution.

A few days later, by accident or fate I found myself in the middle of the march. This one wasn’t a usual protest, and seen through the crowd was a variety of banners, signs, and people and groups alike. It was inspiring to see. The causes ranged from gay rights, to green movements, signs to stop austerity and others for the resignation of the current PM. Many for the National Health System, which is at risk due to the funding cuts.

As we walked I noticed a couple holding a peaceful and colourful banner. Turns out this one was for nuclear disarmament. Other signs were a little more directly aimed at the Prime Minister, and others were a simple message of peace. Many signs read “tories out” . The signs which instated a sense of progression were the ones supportive of change, and this sent a reminder, it’s best not to be against a problem, but rather for a solution.

As we moved closer to the centre of London, the variety increased even more. I passed by a lady meditating, surrounded by signs, and a couple of bystanders with information ready to share. It turns out this one was bringing attention to an issue in China. Devastatingly and unimaginably, people in China are being killed for practicing religious and spiritual practices such as meditation. In an act of a power hungry government, people have been tortured and killed for their organs over a peaceful practice. 
To bring forth change, a petition has been made, you can read more and sign this here.

“Refugees are Welcome Here”

Still growing in diversity, we passed songs of Hare Krishna with a free service of delicious food, as these guys are known for. At last we were in Trafalgar Square. A song grew in volume “Refugees are welcome Here” and this repeated throughout the crowd.

It would seem as such a diversity of groups, though positive, might lack a common aim. 
A coin collector for the peoples assembly put this question to rest. “The collective aim is to get rid of the c#nts” she said. Woah, wasn’t expecting that. After further discussion it was realised, this was the blatant answer and we agreed the vision was to change the minds of those in government wrongdoing and bring forth what is right. A fair system. A letter has been signed to demand change. You can check this out here.

So what do we take from all this. The issue of government and politics is always a complex one. And perhaps a little deeper than meets the eye. It’s hard to know the solution without knowing the depth of the problem. 
Though it is hard to see a communion of people from all walks of life coming together to share their cause, and not feel inspired. not feel as though something positive is taking place.

People are waking up to the sense that something isn’t right. The man with no where to go, leg broken stands out in the foreground of a capitalised world. We’re realising we, as people come first, before the interest of corporate business. Do we have all the answers, and does this march solve it all? Ofcourse not, but bringing attention to a problem is a step, and being for a cause close to the heart is a progression towards solution. 
What is truly inspiring about this demonstration, is that different beliefs, and ideas can come together. That our differences is what makes us unique and doesn’t separate us but rather connects us in a beautifully diverse world. And that through all our uniqueness and perspectives, we still find a common ground and can unite for a brighter tomorrow.

Thanks for reading,

Feel free to share your thoughts and feelings. 
Any feedback is much appreciated

Much Love


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