101 of the Most Shared Excel Articles You Need to Read

101 of the Most Shared Excel Articles on the Web

Are you overwhelmed by the amount of Excel articles on the web?

If you said yes, then we are definitely on the same page and I’m willing to bet there’s a few or many following behind us.

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve set out to find the most shared Excel articles on the web and I’ve decided to put together a list showing you only articles that have been shared 100 or more times.

I’ve created this list using an amazing tool called Buzz Sumo which allows you to find the most shared content on the web for keywords, websites, videos, podcasts you name it.

The whole reason why I started this little adventure is because I want to provide you with some of the most valuable information you can find on the web when it comes to Excel and I think I’ve achieved this here.

As you go through this list, I’ll provide you with the name of the article and a link as well as the number total shares sorted from highest to lowest.

[1] 12 Excel Formulas, Features & Keyboard Shortcuts Everyone Should Know [Total Shares: 10,053]

[2] 7 Handy Excel Tricks That’ll Impress Your Boss — Infographic [Total Shares: 9,658]

[3] 5 Tips to Get the Most Out of Microsoft Excel Office [Total Shares: 3,364]

[4] Eight Useful Microsoft Excel Shortcuts Worth Memorizing [Total Shares: 3,183]

[5] 11 Excel Tricks to Teach Your Students [Total Shares: 3,022]

[6] Why Pivot Tables? [Total Shares: 2,609]

[7] 300 Excel Examples [Total Shares: 1,807]

[8] 40 Handy Excel Shortcuts You Can’t Live Without [Total Shares: 1,701]

[9] Learn Eight Helpful Microsoft Excel Tricks with This Handy Cheat Sheet [Total Shares: 1,541]

[10] Excel logical formulas: 5 simple IF statements to get started [Total Shares: 1,475]

[11] Awesome Excel Tricks to Impress Your Boss [Total Shares: 1,373]

[12] 6 new Excel functions that simplify your formula editing experience — Office Blogs [Total Shares: 1,314]

[13] How to Master Microsoft Office Excel [Total Shares: 1,218]

[14] Your Excel formulas cheat sheet: 15 tips for calculations and common tasks [Total Shares: 1,196]

[15] Microsoft Excel — Working With INDEX() Formula [Total Shares: 1,081]

[16] Simple But Powerful Excel Tricks for Analyzing Data [Total Shares: 1,039]

[17] MICROSOFT EXCEL — VLOOKUP [Total Shares: 1,028]

[18] How to analyze business data in Excel [Total Shares: 1,012]

[19] Work Faster in Microsoft Excel: 5 Secret Tricks [Total Shares: 1,001]

[20] 3 ways to drive business decisions using the new Excel 2016 charts — Office Blogs [Total Shares: 966]

[21] Microsoft excel formulas list with examples [Total Shares: 885]

[22] Tricks of Text to Column in MS Excel [Total Shares: 781]

[23] Top 15 Useful Excel Formula Cheat Sheet [Total Shares: 720]

[24] Excel: Cash Flow Waterfall Charts in Excel 2016 — Strategic Finance [Total Shares: 674]

[25] Making Cash flow summary in Excel using Pivot tables with data on multiple worksheets [Total Shares: 621]

[26] 8 Great Tools to Make You an Excel Expert [Total Shares: 580]

[27] Working with Data and Date Related formulas in Excel [Total Shares: 562]

[28] Making Profit and Loss Statements in Excel using Pivot tables [Total Shares: 537]

[29] 8 tips and tricks you should know for Excel 2016 for Mac [Total Shares: 530]

[30] How to Add a Secondary Axis to an Excel Chart [Total Shares: 491]

[31] 5 essential tips for creating Excel macros [Total Shares: 488]

[32] Gantt Chart Excel: Step-by-step, visual tutorial [Total Shares: 467]

[33] Better Profit and Loss Statements with Waterfall Charts in Excel [Total Shares: 455]

[34] What to do with Excel 2016’s new chart styles: Treemap, Sunburst, and Box & Whisker [Total Shares: 453]

[35] 5 Little-Known Excel Tips That Will Make You Look Smarter Than Your Co-Workers [Total Shares: 437]

[36] FIFO Inventory Valuation in Excel using Data Tables [Total Shares: 436]

[37] 001: VBA & Excel Add-Ins with Chris Newman [Total Shares: 415]

[38] Key Tips in Excel [Total Shares: 412]

[39] Use INDEX and MATCH for simple database queries in Excel [Total Shares: 393]

[40] Top Excel Tips For Data Analysts [Total Shares: 391]

[41] Learn how to unpivot static tables in Excel 2016 — Office Blogs [Total Shares: 387]

[42] Use Conditional Formatting to make Charts for Excel dashboards [Total Shares: 376]

[43] Five Excel Tips You Will Actually Use [Total Shares: 366]

[44] 27+ Ways to Teach Yourself How to Become the Excel Guru Everybody Relies On [Total Shares: 359]

[45] Excel tips for young CPAs [Total Shares: 355]

[46] Multi-level Pivot Table in Excel [Total Shares: 353]

[47] Calculate Years, Months, Days elapsed from a certain date in Microsoft Excel 2010 [Total Shares: 333]

[48] Excel Tip: Bars, Scales, and Sets [Total Shares: 317]

[49] Learn how to shape and transform data with unprecedented ease in Excel 2016 — Office Blogs [Total Shares: 303]

[50] How to Create a Checklist using Conditional Formatting in Microsoft Excel [Total Shares: 269]

[51] The Zen of What-if Analysis [Total Shares: 249]

[52] Excel Tips Format Time [Total Shares: 235]

[53] Formula Auditing in Excel [Total Shares: 232]

[54] 21 things you should know about VLOOKUP [Total Shares: 223]

[55] The Great Circular Referencing Hoax in Excel [Total Shares: 215]

[56] Dynamically Highlight data points in Excel charts using Form Controls [Total Shares: 211]

[57] Top 10 Excel Productivity Tips [Total Shares: 209]

[58] 15 Quick and Powerful ways to Analyze Business Data [Total Shares: 207]

[59] Transpose Data in Excel [Total Shares: 204]

[60] Multi Conditional Vlookup in Excel [Total Shares: 200]

[61] Transitioning from Excel Power Pivot/Query to Power BI Desktop: A Remarkably Smooth Road [Total Shares: 199]

[62] How to delete an entire row based on a condition? [Total Shares: 195]

[63] Separate Values and Text in Power Query — Part 2 [Total Shares: 194]

[64] Excel Flash Fill [Total Shares: 192]

[65] 200+ Excel Formula Examples [Total Shares: 191]

[66] Pivot Table Grouping — Numbers & Dates [Total Shares: 185]

[67] Guidelines for Creating Effective Dashboards [Total Shares: 183]

[68] Create Custom Filters 4X faster using Excel VBA [Total Shares: 180]

[69] Structured Referencing to Identify Parts of Excel Tables [Total Shares: 174]

[70] VLookup To The Left WithThe Choose Function [Total Shares: 172]

[71] Apply Custom Data Labels to Charted Points [Total Shares: 171]

[72] 002: Power Query with Ken Puls [Total Shares: 167]

[73] Excel Sparklines [Total Shares: 161]

[74] KPI Dashboard in Excel — Dynamic Chart Interpretation [Total Shares: 161]

[75] Auto highlighting Excel charts [Total Shares: 156]

[76] Power Query/Excel 2016 VBA Examples [Total Shares: 153]

[77] Bullet Charts in Excel (updated and simplified) [Total Shares: 151]

[78] 10 Little Known Facts about Excel’s Humble Beginnings [Total Shares: 149]

[79] Excel PivotTable Calculated Items by Position [Total Shares: 148 ]

[80] CP050: Fifty Excel Tips to make you awesome [Total Shares: 142]

[81] Automatically Generating Date Dimension Tables In Excel 2016 Power Pivot [Total Shares: 138]

[82] 3 Reasons Why You Need to Start Using Excel GETPIVOTDATA [Total Shares: 137]

[83] Merge Tables using Inner and Anti Joins in Power Query [Total Shares: 137]

[84] 5 Easy Steps on How to Make an Excel Dashboard [Total Shaes: 135]

[85] Excel Slicers — Introduction, what are they, how to use them, tips, advanced concepts, interactive charts & reports using Slicers & Pivot Tables [Total Shares: 132]

[86] Excel Multi-cell Array Formulas [Total Shares: 130]

[87] Custom number formats in Excel [Total Shares: 128]

[88] Excel Slicer Trick [Total Shares: 127]

[89] Excel Custom Number Formatting Basics [Total Shares: 127]

[90] Calculate Hours Worked in Excel with Power Query [Total Shares: 126]

[91] Excel Formulas: Understanding Number Formats [Total Shares: 126]

[92] KPI performance charts & dashboards — 43 alternatives (contest entries) [Total Shares: 125]

[93] VBA: A Simple Tool to Open a CSV File and Create Chart with Data Specified by User [Total Shares: 118]

[94] Creating a custom calendar in Power Query [Total Shares: 115]

[95] Easy Step-By-Step Instructions To Create Your First Excel Ribbon Add-in [Total Shares: 114]

[96] Charts That Update Automatically in Excel [Total Shares: 114]

[97] Finding All Selected Items In A Slicer In Excel 2016 Using TextJoin() [Total Shares: 112]

[98] 7 Excel formula errors that make you look dumb [Total Shares: 111]

[99] Identify Duplicates Using Power Query [Total Shares: 104]

[100] Creating Dynamic Chart Titles in Excel [Total Shares: 101]

[101] Salary Chart: Plot Markers on Floating Bars [Total Shares: 100]


Building yourself a spreadsheet with links and including Excel categories will help you stay organized and really give you a solid go to resource to refer to time and time again when you’re stuck (signup to my newsletter to get your spreadsheet started).

Hopefully there are a few hidden gems in this list that you can use to skyrocket your Excel learning.

Feel free to leave any of your personal favorites below (even if they have less than 100 shares) and also be sure to leave a comment if you have any.

Until the next time.

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