Final Blog

  1. What you expected out of the class initially, what you got out of the class in the end

When I first got into the class, I did not know a thing that we were going to do. I was just prepared and eager to learn. In the end I learned a lot and I believe I am able to finish medium leveled Coding projects.

2. How you feel about being a jr dev

Being a junior developer is a great feeling. I am glad that I got some coding experience. Web development and computer coding is a great path to success and I will consider this path for sure.

3. How you feel about code and programming in general now that you know how to code

I think code is very hard. Code is very strict and I do not like that road bump from coding. After all the struggle and frustration, the feeling that you get when the project is fully working is amazing.

4. What you plan to do outside of this class, will you continue coding? Build More Web Apps? Cyber? Game Dev? Web Designer? Data? Back End Dev?

I will go into computer Engineering and then pursue a business. When I get my first job I would like it to be in cyber security or computer systems. I think web dev will be a side thing.

5. What advice would you give other students coming into the intro to web dev class?

I would say to always keep up with the git flow if you are working with a team. You do not want to push up old code. Make sure to console.log() all the time. Learn the HTML structure well.

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