Why I’m a Christian (And Continue to Suck at Being One)
Benjamin Sledge

I appreciate what you are trying to accomplish here. Thanks for sharing your experience. I too stepped away from religion for years because of some past experiences. I urge everyone, including you if you haven’t already read it, to read the book “how good is good enough?” I can not remember the author off the top of my head but is is only about 85 pages and will fit into your pocket. Very small and quick to read and well worth it. We are all sinners no matter how good we might try to be, but Christ’s sacrifice paved the way for us. Society moves the bar for what is right and wrong over time. There aren’t multiple ways to go to heaven. Doing good things and being a good person is not a ticket in. There’s only one way in and Jesus himself made it crystal clear. Read and you’ll see.

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