An Introduction to The Worst Writer You'll Ever Read

I’m gonna cut the bullshit. My name is Braden Cartier, currently 18 years old, I have strong opinions about what I’m passionate about and I’m learning to love the wasteland we call the world. Beat, bent never broken (Cliche bullshit) but I feel like an emotional backstory can really add a certain flare to a writer. That probably wont happen with me because I’m shit but hey, whatever.

Listen, I’m all for using foul language but I’m doing this for a reason; therapy. I feel that I can no longer bother the internet with my angsty pop-punk lyric tweets that may or may not be directed to someone any longer so I decided to create lil’ nuggets of my emotions for someone to maybe find enjoyment from.

Peace peace and I hope you’re ready for a piece of shit ride. Cheers.

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