Gift Wrapping Ideas

It’s that time of year again. The time when the air is getting cold, and the snow starts to fall. It’s the time for twinkling lights, and for holiday bells to fill the air. It’s time for hot cocoa and curling up by the fire with a good book, while the Christmas Tree stands in all its glory next to the fireplace. And it’s also a time to start buying Christmas presents and put them under the tree. But, you don’t want to do the same old thing. No, you want to go big and bold this year with the gift-wrapping. We hear you. That’s why in this article, we will give you some gift wrapping ideas that are sure to impress any gift-getter.

First, if you want to make the most graphic punch possible. Think about choosing a couple of inexpensive solid wrapping papers, and a few prints. It honestly does make a difference. By incorporating different colors, patterns, and textures under the tree, you can create a beautiful array of Christmas presents that looks more like artwork than it does pile of gifts.

Next you want to choose coordinating embellishments. Hit the clearance aisle and pick out a few ornaments, and download free or inexpensive to tags and print it on card stock. By combining these two elements with your gifts, you will add an elegant and festive touch that is sure to let the receiver know how much thought you’ve put in to their present Also, a side note, hit the clearance rack for ribbon as well. Ribbon can often times be the most expensive parts of gift packaging supplies. So, when you find a ribbon on sale that you love, stock up.

When it comes to wrapping gifts it’s all about texture so, layer, layer, layer. Wrapping gifts is very much like design. It’s all in the details. By layering you create interest and texture that make even the most simply wrapped gifts extra special. Incorporate your patterns by layering over solids, or layer solids over prints. You can even layer your ribbons.

Once your package is wrapped, wrap the entire thing in strands of ribbon or twine. This is a super simple task that immediately dresses up any box. All you have to do is tape one end of the ribbon/twine to the back of your present, and wrap it around and around, sometimes crisscrossing, until you reach your desired amount. One type of yarn or twine that is really good for a task like this is Baker’s twine, in red and cocoa. Also, you can invest in some natural burlap or linen ribbon. These two ribbons are beautiful touches that you can add to your presents to instantly make them go from simple to stunning.

Another thing you can do to add variety in contrast is by searching and buying unique gift bags. One idea for unique gift bag is a bag that looks like Santa’s sack. These types of bags are an adorable way to wrap smaller items, while bringing in some different elements, contrast, and even more holiday cheer.

Also, another fun idea is to use printed tape. Often times during the holidays you can find some very unique and beautiful printed tapes that you can use to tape on tags or add just one more interesting element to your packages. This is just a simple way to add yet another layer to your gifts, while not spending an arm and leg on packaging supplies.

These are just a few of many ideas that you can use to wrap your gifts this holiday season. All you have to do is plan ahead, shop sales, and get creative to make this gift giving season the best one yet.