Punk Rock Kid starts to grow up. He moves away from home, thousands of miles to a place where he knows almost no one. He has to pay rent, and bills. He puts on slacks, and a polo shirt, and he goes to a job that pays him a small amount of money to let rich people yell at him all day. He goes home every night, tired and numb.

Punk Rock Kid starts listening to indie rock at his desk at work, because his coworkers can’t stand the music he used to play. He finds weird music to play instead, the weirder the better, anything with any kind of personality beyond his new existence. His coworkers don’t like the weird stuff either, so he stops playing music at his desk altogether.

Punk Rock Kid starts to get angry. He doesn’t know at what. At everything. Punk Rock Kid doesn’t like who he’s become.

Punk Rock Kid starts looking at art at his desk at work, rather than actually working. He gets yelled at sometimes by his bosses, but he doesn’t really care about anything anymore.

Punk Rock Kid finds a blog where someone talks about how to make art, even if you’ve never done it before. He finds another. And another. When he’s not being yelled at by customers or bosses he reads. He reads everything he can find. Punk Rock Kid starts looking at art schools.

Punk Rock Kid flips off his supervisor one day, because he was done being yelled at, and it wasn’t going to happen ever again. He get’s sent home, and the next day he’s fired. All he feels is relief.

Punk Rock Kid goes to art school. He learns everything he can. He works hard, harder than he ever worked at a job. He goes back to blasting hardcore punk rock so loud the world melts away and nothing is left, but sometimes he blasts indie rock too, because he’s found he likes it, even some of the stuff that isn’t as weird. He isn’t angry anymore. In fact, on most days, he’s pretty happy.

Punk Rock Kid starts making art. He’s no good at it at all but it doesn’t matter. He’s learning, and that always felt good, and he’s creating, and that feels better than anything he’s ever felt before. Punk Rock Kid keeps creating things and learning things, over and over again, until one day he makes something and he shows it to people and some of them think it’s pretty good. Punk Rock Kid feels validated. He keeps working.

Punk Rock Kid finishes school, and starts his own business. He learns as much as he can about how to run a successful business, and when those things he learns make him feel uncomfortable he ignores them and tries to do good things instead. Some days, he wears a suit to work, because it makes him feel good. Other days, he sits in a coffee shop in ratty jeans and a comfy old t-shirt that has a band from his home town on the front, because that makes him feel good too. He listens to a lot of music now. And, every now and again, he goes past his old work and raises his middle finger as he passes by.