Globally i enjoyed even if some stances are more poetical then others…perhaps that now and then…

Glad to hear it!

Interesting that you bring up the idea of narrative in regards to poetry. I’m studying the theory of the lyric right now, and typically that subset of poetry (if it can even be called such) often tends to abstain from a narrative. Personally, even after studying many examples and theory of lyric, I can’t define it (and even lyric theory scholars contradict each other regularly).

As such, often the terms lyric and poetry are used interchangeably, and they are so widely engaging and broad that classifying them in any way can be difficult. So with my work, I typically focus on Hegel’s idea of the inner spirit speaking through poetry, and that stands in as my working definition.

But regardless, if too much narrative dequalifies my work from poetry to prose, as long as my soul is reaching out and touching hearts, my poetic prose works for me. ☺

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