Aaron Stale

Thank you for the feedback. ☺ I’m not so sure why I’m so hopeful, to be honest. I’ve had people in my past ask for time, but deep down I knew it was a goodbye. This time just seems very different.

I don’t think we have one soulmate, so to speak, but my idea is that we have souls that we are destined to encounter throughout our lives, as parents, friends, partners, etc. And in the past, I haven’t felt as a deep a connection to partners as I have in this one, so I’m going to fight for that. And hope that he comes around. But if he doesn’t, I’ll realize that there was nothing I could’ve done to help him, so either way my effort seems justified in my eyes.

I don’t know if I can connect with just anyone, there have been people that haven’t resonated with my soul… so having found someone who does… I think waiting will be worth it. Especially since he came around after I focused on giving love out to the world, which reminds me a lot of what you mentioned about focusing on spreading your energy in the world around you to attract people.

Basically, I’m just trusting my heart on this one. Maybe I’m wrong, and if so, I’ll know I was strong enough to hold on to hope. ☺ But if not, this will all be so worth it!